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Handwriting Brushes

Small pencil handwriting brushes for Photoshop 7 (should work with earlier versions as well).
138 different brushes all together.
Includes the most important letters/symbols in the extended latin alphabet i think, and some more...

:bulletred: All brushes are in 600 ppi resolution.

:bulletgreen: Add a little realism:

Pencil: Don't use 100% black (try adjusting opacity on the layer to something like 80+%).
Paper: Not always 100% white. Use som light grey or yellow (really soft).

//// Other brushes by me:… - Footprint brushes… - Fingerprint brushes… - Monoprint texture brushes… - Stick figure war brushes… - Burnt paper brushes… - Paper brushes

This brushset is free for both personal and non-commercial use. Oh, and if someone wants to make a font out of this, that would be awesome.

-If you make something cool add a comment with a link to your work! :)
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I couldn't find the download button TAT!!!
This brush is so COOOOL and cute, I love it <3!!!
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I may like to use a couple of these in an educational campaign poster, with your permission of course!
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I'm answering too late, but go ahead!
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Awesome Idea - Thanks for sharing ^^
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Is it allowed to use this brushes off-site?
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Use, yes.
Redistribute, no.

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I like thme very much!3Q~
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Used it here [link]
Thank you :aww: :heart:
Your brushes are great. Thanks yet again :salute:
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thank you very very much ! any tip on how to get the best natural handwriting font on a white paper ?
such as what opacity, mode, etc

thank you ! great work !
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The best would be to actually write it on clean white paper and scan it. Then in photoshop adjust white point to just "clip" the paper, and set blending to multiply.
That would give you extremely realistic results ;)

Otherwise it depends a bit on if it should look like it was written with a pen/pencil/marker etc. For pencil lead I might recommend a dark grey, high opacity. Also try multiply blending mode (especially for markers/paint).

You will have to experiment; it depends on many factors (paper texture, paper tint, type of pencil/pen, etc.). It might be useful to find a reference (e.g. something scanned) and play around to get it to match as closely as possible.

It's also hard to find a very realistic hand writing font.
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Used in 3 of my pieces:


Thank you!
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