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Framing actions - 3 - Double

Set #3: Double


These Photoshop actions adds an outer frame to your image. Everything is done in layers so it is quick and easy to tweak it (e.g. change the color of the frame).

This is part of a series of action sets that you may use to quickly add nice frames to your images. They are intended for use on images for screen/web viewed at 100% zoom. Created using Photoshop CS4.


Set #1: Text
Set #2: Simple
Set #3: Double
Set #4: Filtered
Set #5: Shadow
Set #6: Soft fade
Set #X: Bonus


:bulletgreen: Free for personal use: Yes
:bulletgreen: Free for commercial use: Yes
:bulletred: Redistributable: No (link back here)
Credit would be nice, but not required. If you use them, feel free to post a link in a comment here for us to see :)
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LOVE the frames but omg where can I get that necklace! lol
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very happy
hallo chain,
i really like your frames looks but i have a french version of photoshop s5 64bits and your english scripts don't start.
do you have an idea how to make it work or a quotation to add portrability ?

best regards
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I did not have foreign language versions of Photoshop in mind when I created the actions. So there might be steps that depend on the default english naming of layers, like "select layer 'Background'". If you go through the action and re-record those steps with your own version it should work.

In future actions I will try to create the actions so that they do not refer to auto-named layers.
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Thanks for this!
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You're a boon to the lazy artist!!:XD:...thankyou so much:smooch:[and my frames are never quite even,I've just realised!So thanks:)]
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Study the action and you might see how I do it to make it there to get it even ;)

Usually it is _inner_ stroke on a layer of the image, or use image->canvas size... and increase width/heigth by the same amount of (even) pixels. ;)
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OMG! Thank you so much!))
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Thank you once again :)
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