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Mega Octillery

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Added scythes to the front tentacles.

So I loved my Octillery in HG. It was powerful, knew a range of attacks, and let's face it, it's a, octopus mixed with a cannon. What's not to love. But the darn thing is just not practical outside of storyline gameplay, it's too slow and not bulky enough to do it's job. BUT, all that changed when the Octillerite was attached. (it's an Avatar, reference! Get it?)

Mega Octillery
The Jet Pokemon
4'4", 203 lbs
Ability: Regenerator
Mega Evolves from Octillery w/ Octillerite
HP: 75 -> 75
ATK: 105 -> 85
DEF: 75 -> 90
SpA: 105 -> 145
SpD: 75 -> 100
SPE: 45 -> 85
BST: 480 -> 580

Mega Octillery sacrifices excess attack for Special Attack and Speed. It gets a 25 point boost in Special Defense and a 15 Point boost in Defense, helping it take a hit a little bit better on a switch in. It gains an extra 40 points on Speed, putting it in the same range as Suicune, Heracross, Kingdra, Gliscor, and Nidoking. It's special attack maxes out at a whopping 427 with full investment and beneficial nature. That's the same as Chandelure, for those of you who love examples.

So will Mega Octillery dominate the new OU? Probably not, but it's buffed stats bring it up to almost Pseudo Legend level. With it's fire typing, it gains stab from Fire Blast and Flamethrower, and gains resistance to Grass type, Fairy Type, and Bug Type. Though it Gains weakness to Ground and Rock, it can easily dispatch those with it's Water Type attacks. It's ability, Regenerator, will allow it to switch out and regain HP if it takes a hard hit  and then come back out to continue it's rampage.

So yeah. I love Octillery.

Hinted Here:
My Good Ol' Octillery by Chain-Of-Ashes

Pokemon (C) Gamefreak
Mega Octillery (C) Moi
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overall, it's clever giving squid like features to a mega evolution of octillery, though it feels rather simple.

Aside from the squid like "cap" if you'd remove it, it looks like a normal octillery, (though kangaskahn is similar, though only the child in it's pouch grows up). I would suggest adding some scythes to two of the tentacles like some squids normally have, or some piece of armor to fit octillery's tank like features.

The coloring is the same as a normal octillery: note that most mega evolution pokemon, aside from gaining new fisiology, they gain either new colors orreduce their number of colors

Overall, the design is simple, although i like the facial expression mega octillery has pointing it's suction cups in the same direction, as if it's ready to fire a barrage of attacks
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The only problem I have with this is that it's more squid than octopus. Having it turn into a squid is okay as a regular evoluon, but as a Mega it probably shouldn't stray from it's octopus design despite both octopi and squids being cephalopods. It would be like making Mega Houndoom turn from a Doberman to a Pit bull, they both belong to the Canus genus. I see this a lot with Mega Tentacruel too.
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Can i sprite it ? :3
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Chain-Of-AshesHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure, if I can then use it for my game :D also, as long as you link back/credit me, of course!
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OroshibuHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks !
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