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Office flame :iconchaian:chaian 0 0
I'm smart, I'm fast, clued up,
I shine brighter and brighter,
my excitement a fire,
and it burns away
the shadow at my feet,
blindingly hiding my all my grief.
It burns until I'm exhausted,
my jaws ache and clench,
my mind throbs at the stench
rising from my past and dead.
They stare up at me,
trailing by my side.
The only link
tenuous at best,
with no bridge to burn,
no way to turn
all the wrongs into rights,
and I stare with dead eyes
at all my darkest parts,
the unforgiven, unforgettable past.
:iconchaian:chaian 0 0
Sleeping Beauty
Kiss me gently,
as I sleep.
Wipe the tears,
from my cheeks.
There's no better time to care,
than when I'm not there.
:iconchaian:chaian 0 0
Nowhere Close
Your conspicuous shadow,
trailing it's fingers,
across my mind.
Cold as time,
warm as love,
I can feel you
when you're nowhere near.
Your whispered words,
tickling in my ears,
across my skin.
I can hear you,
even though you're not here.
:iconchaian:chaian 0 0
Mature content
Fine Line :iconchaian:chaian 0 0
As the snow flurries past the window
building trenches on the paths
and the sun shines
I stare out the window
at the life of winter
as it beats at the house.
There is my life,
there is my wasteland,
just bleak covered white
with grey-lined horizons.
And for every spark of colour that I see
there are acres of bleached landscape
tormenting me,
blazing trails of desolation
across once bright memories.
There is no warmth inside me
to keep this chill away
as it frosts my skin
with veils of ice
like some bizarrely real fairytale.
And I see no princess
bravely wading through the sludge,
a kiss on her lips
ready to free me from this sight.
If I woke from this dream,
and remembered it the next day,
would I realise that the answer
was only one door away?
Would I find myself outside,
with my boots in my hand,
and a smile on my face
as I surveyed the unconquered land?
Would I see my saviour
as just another lass
at the bar,
ready to welcome me into the warm?
Or would I stay always inside,
:iconchaian:chaian 2 2
The silence shreds my patience,
whispering away the last of my time
as I wait.
The edginess of now
changes anticipation to angst,
angst to charged blows
against my consciousness -
a rhythmic beating that strips away
my smile, my eyes, my ears,
leaving me raw
and drip, drip, dripping …
Little bits dropping off
to meet the floor and lie there
unshaken by my tremors
started in my tips
and shivering down to my toes,
tapping my heels against the linoleum.
There is no more to spend
in this garish place
of fluorescence,
yet I still sit,
begging time to pay me no heed
and to move as though greased
through the hallowed passages
bringing others' feet
closer to me.
Bringing the news
I need to hear
to stop
:iconchaian:chaian 1 5
Mature content
Picture perfect :iconchaian:chaian 1 8
Dance with the dead
It’s the wind howling through the branches
baring themselves for winter.
It’s the sound of children smiling
with their hands clasped tight behind them.
The silence of apples swinging -
tantalizing little teeth and bright eyes.
It’s nearing the witching hour,
All Hallow’s Eve is soon to arrive.
It’s the tingle of excitement lingering in the air,
the promise of enlightenment chasing ‘way the fear.
Candy balls and bags and bowls and strings
shrouding the true mystery,
evil waiting yet unseen.
The laughter slowly fading
as the moon climbs, ponderous and full.
The children all but sleeping,
being stuffed with sweets so good …
And in the near-silence of the evening,
as the lights begin to dim,
there’s a rustling and a creaking
as the evil creeps on in.
Floating out the shadows,
hiding in the light,
pouring from the pumpkins –
a truly ghoulish sight.
Be glad your party’s over,
and you’re safely sound asleep,
for the Dance Macabre isn
:iconchaian:chaian 1 4
It's only seven
and my plans feel stale -
taste dry as the ash
in my cigarette's hell.
It's only seven
and I've nothing to do -
even though my plans
had me fully booked.
It's only seven
and I can't think at all...
What will I do
without all your talk?
It's only seven
again, third time this week,
and it matters only little
if it's am or pee.
It's only seven
and I've not much to say -
haven't done a stitch
don't think I will today.
It's only seven
and now it's weekend again.
At long bloody last
I can drink again.
Sweet oblivion
the vodka accords
as my melancholy
to melodius thoughts.
:iconchaian:chaian 1 0
You're just walking
best you can,
and I'm one step beside you
holding your hand
through all the danger
of this disturbing land.
And you sprint ahead -
just like you can -
I never stopped you
in this dead-man's land.
But when I look again
you've stopped awhile -
'I'm tired,' you say
with a crooked smile.
And I can't believe it.
All I’ve done
you've thrown away
’cos you thought
you could run.
Now you're just walking
away down the road –
I miss you like hell
but it's nothing compared
to the sadness
of this solitary shell.
You were a soul mate -
not the bedding kind -
but perfect for me
even with those
clear lines.
What do I do now?
Now that you're gone…
Now that you've thrown
away all that we've grown…
You act like they said:
you're white trailer trash,
and I am my father,
gone in a flash.
There's nothing that's left here,
just ashes and must.
There's nothing to see here,
just hearts turned to dust.
We've both lost a feeling -
that feeling of hope.
We've both lost
:iconchaian:chaian 0 2
I only know it's dark
because you told me.
I only know the light
by your words.
I only feel myself
when i'm around you,
and this person I don't even recognise.
I only have my strength
when you're beside me -
for the rest of time
I hide away.
I only know what's right
because you showed me.
Is this your kind of love
or is it just another way?
There is no other side
to console me,
inside there's only this
all-comprising covering of grey.
There is no other one
to behold me,
as you've seen inside of me
all of the long way.
Do you understand me truly?
Or are these just
the words you're wont to say?
Do you know how I feel
when I'm tired,
when you won't leave me,
when you won't go away?
I only know what's bright
cos you showed me.
That doesn't mean
I see it clear as day.
All i know is this nighttime,
when all I want is for you to stay.
All I understand is the hurting,
the pushing and pulling far away.
I am afloat in this grey ocean,
softly lulled to sleep
as I lose your grasp again.
:iconchaian:chaian 0 3
Meaning required
You didn't have to live through it, my lala-land boy...
It was crappily slow - a wasted eternity.
A stale breath of air
trapped in an office chair
caged by arms and wheels and whir-whir-whir...
Thin smiles -
Pasty frowns, glazed eyes, bullshit lines.
The static flicker of factory bulbs
hardening even time
till nothing moved,
save the flutter of dry lashes on brows.
:iconchaian:chaian 1 2
Mature content
You :iconchaian:chaian 1 0
Mature content
Dads :iconchaian:chaian 0 2
Step lightly
It's only the cars' noise
echoing the train in my head -
the shh-shhhrrr-shhrrrr
of the rail or their tread.
My feet are silent
by compare.
More quiet even
than my breathe.
The long week falls behind
with each step:
quiet, soft I cross the line.
It's darker now,
the way still too long,
and I'm weary
with my traintrack song.
I watch instead the
cracks go by,
my shoes barely pass
in front of my eyes.
on pavement.
Screams my mind.
keep pace with mine.
When I raise my head, up and to the side
My death is written there, in his eyes.
:iconchaian:chaian 0 2

Random Favourites

The Frog Prince by zhuzhu The Frog Prince :iconzhuzhu:zhuzhu 853 57 Don Quixote by zhuzhu Don Quixote :iconzhuzhu:zhuzhu 1,198 85
Smashing Conversation
                     She asks,
                              “You ready, babe?”
I sigh, just loud enough that
       if she hears it,
she’ll question its reality,
and maybe her sanity.
                 “Yeah, hon. One minute.”
                “Hurry, we’re going to be late!”
She says it in jest,
but her voice feels like sandpaper on my skin.
           Sometimes I want to rub broken glass into my forearms,
:iconnightmandl:nightmandl 1 5
Just the running of water,
and his weight shifting that spot
   on the bathroom floor.
Silence between us.
I sigh,
just loud enough for him to hear,
     but not discern
between anger and apathy.
Hell, I don't think I even know the difference any more,
but my answer will be different, based on his guessing.
An argument,
    'discussion' I would call it,
is better than this creeping nothing.
     He's learning now.
     It's been stretched,
ever since I bore my soul
                 and shared my burdens.
Sometimes the truth really is better
      when it's left unspoken,
It seems that,
    no matter how strained our grip,
we're somehow holding together,
        despite the transgressio
:iconnightmandl:nightmandl 1 1
Whipping my thighs,
you set the bar too high.
Ravenous shadow,
keeping score in time.
Couldn't you let me go?
     ..we'd never agree.
I've been inside,
   tripping the ocean.
Guess in time.
    -you'll be right, just give it a name.
We live in unforgiving flesh,
just reflections in our cup of tea.
We're backwards back teeth,
chomping down each other's leaves.
We're full of X marks,
but fuck it -
we found our own way home
   between the honeycombs
at a thousand miles per hour.
We float down from space to die alone,
genuflecting to what we stood for,
both still guessing our morals.
Cigarettes on sweet tongues.
the popes say we should stop playing
sunday school sharp glass charades.
:iconnightmandl:nightmandl 1 16
Oil Pastel Fun by zhuzhu Oil Pastel Fun :iconzhuzhu:zhuzhu 333 20
Just Good Friends
You love me as you grip my hips
I’m the only one when you shove harder
You adore me at your sharp intake of breath
Our love is forever as you fall on my breast
Whisper lies to me as I lay sleeping
Weave deceit into my hair
My body awash in your pretence
Breathe false hope into my ear
In the morning we will awake and I will hear the death knoll
Ringing on that awkward bell
And we will be
‘Just good friends’
:iconpixiespoisonedpen:PixiesPoisonedPen 3 13
Real Bristle Fun by zhuzhu Real Bristle Fun :iconzhuzhu:zhuzhu 458 30
She kissed my sunburnt shoulders;
White lip prints faded on my skin.
I closed my eyes as she sang to the sunset,
Fresh emerged from the cool solitude
Of a crater-lake copse,
Stumbling through strange crops
Dusted with sunlight.
I watched in the forest
As the medieval shade undressed her.
We time-travelled through our own dark ages,
Walking until we left ourselves behind
In the wilting bluebells.
In the evening he smelt of Eternity,
She says.
She tells me about his smile, and I imagine
Layers of needle teeth like a shark.
She shivers at the chuckle of a motorbike
And jumps when I touch her shoulder.
I tell her to open her eyes.
:iconpaul-cooper:Paul-Cooper 12 15
Savage Kitten
Savage inspiration will pounce tonight
with the hungry fangs of snarling desperation
Yearning eyes will drip through the restraint
On the cold-sweat skin of despair
An anguished howl will rip apart the sky
And I will be the purring kitten
Chaining the monster within
:iconpixiespoisonedpen:PixiesPoisonedPen 3 16
A brimming heart
Will not fill a barren uterus
And a silvered tongue
Will not quiet a restless mind
:iconpixiespoisonedpen:PixiesPoisonedPen 3 8
Concrete Coast by heretik Concrete Coast :iconheretik:heretik 5 5


Un gato. by faboarts Un gato. :iconfaboarts:faboarts 59,862 8,882 x-PoiSoN-SeX-x by glittersniffer x-PoiSoN-SeX-x :iconglittersniffer:glittersniffer 1,561 331 The Perils of Being Gummy by mree The Perils of Being Gummy :iconmree:mree 4,067 575 Racism by JKrushal Racism :iconjkrushal:JKrushal 1,133 696 Lust by Michelliechelle
Mature content
Lust :iconmichelliechelle:Michelliechelle 148 64



Sheana Campbell
South Africa
Current Residence: Guttercity
MP3 player of choice: The llama's choice
Favourite cartoon character: Dilbert
Personal Quote: trust me.
Some things can't be spoken, only written.
This is one of those.

Offered safety with soft words,
kind smiles.
Drove me around the area,
cut me these white lines.
But inside I was terrified,
I knew the shit to come,
and when you undressed me
my mind sat there stunned.
Outside I was laughing,
the joke tired and shrill.
Inside I was shaking,
wondering what happened to my will.
I can't explain the feeling,
I can't tell you of the pain.
Apart from all the tearing,
I'd never be the same.

Outside I'm the same girl,
I smile, I joke, I laugh.
But inside is the horror
that belongs to my past.
  • Listening to: Crickets, planes, silence
  • Reading: Show of Evil
  • Watching: The Mirror
  • Playing: UT2k4
  • Eating: Green beans
  • Drinking: Water


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