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A test spectrum of Egyptian gods, chibified.

Many Egyptian gods were associated with certain colors due to their spheres of influence. Later I noticed they also overlap with traditional color and chakra symbolism. This was a quick idea for a more refined and colorful project, which I am currently working on. I had an alternate one that included , Set, Hathor, Horus, Heh, Nun, Thoth, and Serket, but it didn't look as good. Perhaps another time.

Red - Sekhmet (goddess of war)
Orange - Atum (creator, king solar god, also Atum-Ra)
Yellow - Shu (god of air and sunlight)
Green - Geb (god of the earth)
Blue - Hapy (god of the Nile river and water)
Indigo - Iah (god of the moon, Egypt's first moon god)
Violet - Isis (goddess of magic and life)

Amusing note: After doodling this, I realized there are 4 generations of divine relatives here. Atum-Ra the creator is Shu's father. Shu is Geb's father, and Geb is Isis' father. :D
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I was initially confused because Hapy is described as "god" instead of "goddess" like Sekhmet/Isis when there is obvious breasts.… says intersexed and depictions show breasts so that explains it.
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>an alternate one that included , Set, Hathor, Horus, Heh, Nun, Thoth, and Serket

I would love to see this!
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This is amazing o.o  do you plan to if not already include Nephthys, Seth, Osiris, and Horus?
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Slap me, shoot me, sacrefice me!.. Is that really true that the Egyptian gods have the colours of the ROYGBIV? Unbelievable to me. This one is one of my favourite- I love ancient Egyptians!Love Hug :happybounce: Heart +fav Clap 
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This is great!  I love their cute designs.
Wow where did you find out they were associated with certian colors? Can you give me a link or the name of the book or article about it, I would like to read it as I'm into Ancient history, and drawing too! Wink/Razz ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin)
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He just made it up. These colors represent each category. For example:  For the reason why the goddess of war is red, because war may cause injury that causes red blood out. Ask me if you want to know more. I know lots!Meow :3 
Yes please I want to know more please tell me,thanks!
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Let me tell you more:

Orange- orange repersents the colour of our star, the sun.
Yellow- the colour of sunlight, so beautifully golden.
Green- the colour of our earth's ecosystem and plants too.
Blue- the colour of water from the Neil River.
Indigo- darkest colour. Repersents the night sky.
Violet- the most beautiful colour of the ROYGBIV. Magic and life is beautiful.

I'm very good at solving problems in art. If theres anything you want to ask me- I'm on the way

Thanks for askingHug 
Ahhhh, COOL! I like VIOLET myself!
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Wow its really cool :-) :-) :-) great job
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Oh wow wow...
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This looks incredible! Amazing work!! :clap:
I really like Sekhmet's kittyness! :aww: They're all so pretty!
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They look so cute! ^_^
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Great drawing and interesting connection between Goddesses and Gods and the chakras!
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I like Isis the most!
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I just noticed an odd parallel between these images and some characters from MLP FiM....

Shu (god of air and sunlight) = yellow = Princess Celestia (controls the sun)
Iah (god of the moon) = indigo = Princess Luna (controls the moon and stars)
Isis/Aset (goddess of magic and life) = violet = Twilight Sparkle (bears the element of magic)

FiM seems to combine Egyptian cosmology, Greek monsters and Victorian technology along with bits and pieces of D&D and Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Incidentally, my favorite Egyptian deity has always been Bast, and I find the comparison -- and contrast -- between her and Sekhmet is always interesting. Were they sisters, or even twins? Or were they rivals? The historical record doesn't provide any clear answers.
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i love it and there are diffrent names for the gods so i figerd out
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