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Ultimate Monopoly Action Cards Set


Action Cards for "Ultimate Monopoly" in the style of Classic 20th Century Monopoly cards.

These are a set of "Action Cards" for use with the fan-made game "Ultimate Monopoly".  They include Chance, Community Chest, Travel Vouchers, and Roll 3! Cards.  Many of these cards were taken from, or inspired by a number of sources, and some are completely original.

While this set was designed to be used with "Ultimate Monopoly" (and refer to features specific to that game) - many can be used (with minor tweaking) with other Monopoly or "__-opoly" style games.

Some cards are silly, some are potential game changers, but I tried to balance them.  Let me know what you think.  Of course, if you download and use any of these cards, you are not obligated to use all of them (or any, really).  Print and cut the ones you want and toss the rest.


At the last count, there were a total of 216 cards included.

    36 Travel Vouchers                 (Pages 1-3)           [Purple paper suggested]
    72 Chance Cards                    (Pages 4-9)            [Orange paper suggested]
    72 Community Chest Cards    (Pages 10-15)        [Yellow paper suggested]
    36 Roll 3! Cards                      (Pages 16-18)       [Blue paper suggested]


To use these cards, simply download the PDF and print on any printer.

The file is in black-and-white, so a color printer is not needed.

To keep them in the classic theme, and to make it easily to sort them, I suggest using different color paper or card stock for the different sets of cards.

I suggest Purple for the Travel Vouchers, Orange for Chance, Yellow for Community Chest, and Blue for the Roll 3!.

This is a more-than-complete set, meaning if you print and use these cards, you will not need to add in the matching cards included with any of the games you are using for "Ultimate Monopoly".


"Ultimate Monopoly" is a combination of games and add-ons compiled by jonizaak.

It combines Monopoly, Monopoly: The Mega Edition, Stock Exchange, and Super Add-ons Version for Monopoly - along with original content - into one "super", "mega", "Ultimate" board game!

To properly play the game, you will need to own copies of all of the games listed above.  They are all available on Amazon and eBay, except the Stock Exchange, which is available in the links below.


By me:
Ultimate Monopoly Action Cards - Addon -

By jonizaak:

The Rules:
The Board:
    Hi-Res version:
The Property Title Deed Cards (for the outer and inner track properties):
    All in one image            -
    Printable layout front    -
    Printable layout back     -
Stock Exchange components:
    Stock Exchange Corner Cover piece:
    Stock Exchange Chance cards:
    Stock Exchange Community Chest cards:
Monopoly Banknotes (Money):
      $1000 -
      $500 -
      $100 -
      $50 -
      $20 -
      $10 -
      $5 -
      $1 -

By njr75003 

Stock Exchange Set:
    (Instructions, Printable Stock Cards, Corner Cover piece, Chance & Community Chest cards in one RAR file)
    Reproduction of the 1992 Version

By CoolGamer3187

Ultimate Monopoly Board (Printable):

By TerrellButler

A nice review/description/breakdown of the game:


To jonizaak for his work in compiling the game and creating the needed parts and pieces, and for his help in compiling and correcting these cards.

To njr75003 for his work in re-creating the Stock Exchange components, for the work he did with jonizaak on the Title Deeds, and for his help in editing these cards.

SOURCES / SUGGESTED GAMES & LINKS - inspiration and information (especially this forum discussion -…) - information about Chance and Community Chest cards that are no longer used in current versions of Monopoly.  From this page -… - the Bus, Train, and Taxi icons
    Elevator (unused now) -…
    Bus Front (unused) -…
    (The Dice on the Roll 3! Cards are actually Unicode symbols, that is they are type not pictures.)

Inspiration for the cards was drawn from a number of games and expansion, including, but not limited to:

"Monopoly"   "Monopoly Millionaire"   "Monopoly Empire"   "Monopoly City"   "Cityville Monopoly"   (and other versions) by Hasbro, Inc.
"Monopoly: The Mega Edition" by Winning Moves Games (licensed by Hasbro)
"Super Add-ons Version for Monopoly" by Rad Games
"Stock Exchange" by C. B. Hewison (published by Capitol Novelty Co. and later by Parker Brothers)
"St Louis in a Box" and "Bibleopoly" by Late for the Sky Production Company
"Triopoly" by Jeffrey W. Berndt, Chris Hornbaker, and Jeremy Parish (published by Reveal Entertainment, Inc.)
"Anti-Monopoly" by Ralph Anspach (published by University Games)
"Monopoly: Free Market Expansion" by Fiona Borrelli and Phillip Kingston -
"Game Spice: Monopoly Expansion" by Bill Ingram
        (If anyone knows how to get a complete set, or how to contact Mr. Ingram, please let me know!)
The book "Beyond Boardwalk and Park Place" 1986 by Noel Gunther and Richard Hutton (published by Bantam Books)


No copyright is claimed or implied by me.  

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

This is a work of fan art.  Please buy Monopoly games!  I want them to keep making more.  (Hasbro - please don't sue me!  I'm not getting any profit from this.)

Feel free to download and use the cards as you see fit, or copy the ideas into your own designs.  

If you use it, or include it in a Monopoly-style collection you create or something, please let me know so I can check out your work.  Thanks!  :) (Smile)


The "Travel Vouchers" are a combination of the "Bus Tickets" from "Monopoly: Mega Edition" and the "Travel" cards from "Super Add-ons".  The "Travel" cards didn't really have a reason for you to move your token, just that you could.  I made them "Free Cab Fare" cards to match the Cab Co. spaces that jonizaak added to the board.  I also added a few "Transit Tokens" to utilize his new "Transit Station" spaces as well.  The "Expire" Bus Ticket now also expires all other Travel Vouchers - not just Bus Tickets.

Made using Apple iWork '09 Pages 4.3 (I do not like the new Pages 5) Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6 on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
© 2014 - 2021 chadws
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avana2's avatar

I dont get the roll 3 card

evilwonders's avatar

This looks amazing!

chadws's avatar

On the Roll 3 card, do you keep throughout the game, or do you discard once used?

chadws's avatar

You keep until needed - and then discard once used. They can only be used once.

On the Community Chest card. "Hostile Takeover," What do you do when a majority shareholder has houses on the property you want to take over?

chadws's avatar

If a property has buildings on it - you cannot take it. Monopoly or Majority Share. Also, it cannot be taken if it is part of a Monopoly, even if there are no buildings on it. Hope that helps!

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Is there a single pdf file for the Title Deed Cards, backs and fronts included. I have a printer that prints double sided. thanks
chadws's avatar

I didn't do the Title Deed Cards, that was jonizaak - you might be able to ask him to make one for you.  I think it would be a good resource to have available.
Superjustinbros's avatar
Sorry for the triple-post, but I couldn't help but ask if there's any consideration with adding more "Go to this particular space" Chance and Community Chest cards. There's no cards that go to the outer area of the board (excluding Rodeo Drive).
chadws's avatar
Thanks for the input.

There are several cards that take you to the outer track - the most common being Go Directly to Jail.

Other outer track spaces with cards sending you there include:
B&W Taxi
Rodeo Drive x 2
"Buyer's Market" (Any Outer Track Space)
Subway (Although technically after that you can go to any space on the board, on any track)
Garbage Day - Trash Collector
Mardi Gras - Canal Street (All players go to that space when the card is drawn)
Birthday Space

Additionally there are several "Changing Lanes" cards that send players up or down a level, depending on which card they draw.
Superjustinbros's avatar
Ah. I meant cards that would take you to properties within a colored group on the outer track, which is what Rodeo Drive counts as.
Like cards that would take you to Katy Freeway, Dekalb Avenue, and Michigan Avenue, for example.
chadws's avatar
I think if I add more Outer Track cards it will be unbalanced.  As we were working on this, we tried to make sure travel between the tracks would flow smoothly, so you're not stuck on one track or the other, and so no one track is rarely used.

I was wrong in my earlier comment about go to jail.  It's been a while since I looked at the board, and at one point we had the Jail on the outer track.

Canal Street is a colored space, and again, that card makes ALL the players go there - not just the one who drew the card.  The Trash Collector is an ownable / rent collected property - it's just a ultitity instead of a color.  The Cab Companies are properties, too.

I can create some and post them separately if you would like to use them.  If I was going to put them into the main package, I would feel like I would need to take out an equal number of other cards that lead to the outer track so it's not more heavily traveled than the others.  (And I personally like the write up I put on those cards, so I don't want to get rid of them.  :D )
Superjustinbros's avatar
If you want to do optional colored property Chance/Community Chest cards, you're more than welcome to.
chadws's avatar
no problem.  Enjoy.
Superjustinbros's avatar
I noticed an error with the "Losers' Weepers" C-Chest card.

It should say "Put 1 of your Travel Vouchers back on the deck."
chadws's avatar
Ah yes.  I will correct that and reupload. Good eye.  Thank you.
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Superjustinbros's avatar
This is brilliant. XD
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