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Ultimate Monopoly Action Cards - Addon

Requested add-on of Chance and Community Chest cards moving players to color spaces on the Outer Track for use with "Ultimate Monopoly"!


It should be noted that in the original game:  (a) Community Chess cards rarely move the player, other than to Jail or Go.  (b) Not all color groups have a card sending players there

And also, with regards to the Ultimate Monopoly Action Cards Set (found here - ) - there are already cards moving players to the outer track, including some color spaces there.  I believe having all these cards in play at once will unbalance the game, so if you do chose to use these add-on cards, I would suggest removing some, if not all, of the other action cards that move player to the Outer Track.  (Garbage Day, Mardi Gras, B&W Cab Co. - to name a few).


To use these cards, simply download the PDF and print on any printer.

The file is in black-and-white, so a color printer is not needed.

To keep them in the classic theme, and to make it easily to sort them, I suggest using different color paper or card stock for the different sets of cards.

I suggest Orange for Chance and Yellow for Community Chest.


"Ultimate Monopoly" is a combination of games and add-ons compiled by jonizaak.

It combines Monopoly, Monopoly: The Mega Edition, Stock Exchange, and Super Add-ons Version for Monopoly - along with original content - into one "super", "mega", "Ultimate" board game!

To properly play the game, you will need to own copies of all of the games listed above.  They are all available on Amazon and eBay, except the Stock Exchange, which is available in the links below.


By me:
Ultimate Monopoly Action Cards Set    -

By jonizaak:

The Rules:
The Board:
The Property Title Deed Cards (for the outer and inner track properties):
    All in one image            -
    Printable layout front    -
    Printable layout back     -
Stock Exchange components:
    Stock Exchange Corner Cover piece:
    Stock Exchange Chance cards:
    Stock Exchange Community Chest cards:
Monopoly Banknotes (Money):
      $1000 -
      $500 -
      $100 -
      $50 -
      $20 -
      $10 -
      $5 -
      $1 -

By njr75003 

Stock Exchange Set:
    (Instructions, Printable Stock Cards, Corner Cover piece, Chance & Community Chest cards in one RAR file)
    Reproduction of the 1992 Version

By TerrellButler

A nice review/description/breakdown of the game:


To jonizaak for his work in compiling the game and creating the needed parts and pieces, and for his help in compiling and correcting these cards.

To njr75003 for his work in re-creating the Stock Exchange components, for the work he did with jonizaak on the Title Deeds, and for his help in editing these cards.

SOURCES / SUGGESTED GAMES & LINKS - inspiration and information (especially this forum discussion -…) - information about Chance and Community Chest cards that are no longer used in current versions of Monopoly.  From this page -… - the Bus, Train, and Taxi icons
    Elevator (unused now) -…
    Bus Front (unused) -…
    (The Dice on the Roll 3! Cards are actually Unicode symbols, that is they are type not pictures.)

Inspiration for the cards was drawn from a number of games and expansion, including, but not limited to:

"Monopoly"   "Monopoly Millionaire"   "Monopoly Empire"   "Monopoly City"   "Cityville Monopoly"   (and other versions) by Hasbro, Inc.
"Monopoly: The Mega Edition" by Winning Moves Games (licensed by Hasbro)
"Super Add-ons Version for Monopoly" by Rad Games
"Stock Exchange" by C. B. Hewison (published by Capitol Novelty Co. and later by Parker Brothers)
"St Louis in a Box" and "Bibleopoly" by Late for the Sky Production Company
"Triopoly" by Jeffrey W. Berndt, Chris Hornbaker, and Jeremy Parish (published by Reveal Entertainment, Inc.)
"Anti-Monopoly" by Ralph Anspach (published by University Games)
"Monopoly: Free Market Expansion" by Fiona Borrelli and Phillip Kingston -
"Game Spice: Monopoly Expansion" by Bill Ingram
        (If anyone knows how to get a complete set, or how to contact Mr. Ingram, please let me know!)
The book "Beyond Boardwalk and Park Place" 1986 by Noel Gunther and Richard Hutton (published by Bantam Books)


No copyright is claimed or implied by me.  

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

This is a work of fan art.  Please buy Monopoly games!  I want them to keep making more.  (Hasbro - please don't sue me!  I'm not getting any profit from this.)

Feel free to download and use the cards as you see fit, or copy the ideas into your own designs.  

If you use it, or include it in a Monopoly-style collection you create or something, please let me know so I can check out your work.  Thanks!  :) (Smile)


The "Travel Vouchers" are a combination of the "Bus Tickets" from "Monopoly: Mega Edition" and the "Travel" cards from "Super Add-ons".  The "Travel" cards didn't really have a reason for you to move your token, just that you could.  I made them "Free Cab Fare" cards to match the Cab Co. spaces that jonizaak added to the board.  I also added a few "Transit Tokens" to utilize his new "Transit Station" spaces as well.  The "Expire" Bus Ticket now also expires all other Travel Vouchers - not just Bus Tickets.

Made using Apple iWork '09 Pages 4.3 (I do not like the new Pages 5) Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6 on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
© 2014 - 2021 chadws
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Also, why dont you add a sheet of Advance to Stock Exchange cards to this Addon? I like to play with more Stock Exchange influence in the game, and want to have like 24 more of those cards. In a normal Ultimate monopoly game, there are never more than 5 stocks bought during the game.
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In the Ultimate Monopoly Action Cards Set (found here - ) - there is a page that is half Advance to Stock Exchange.

If I can find the original files I used to make these PDFs I will make a full page.

There may also be a way to do this without sending tokens physically to the Stock Exchange.  Something like "Call Your Broker" or "Online Trading" or something, where someone can do the actions of being on Stock Exchange without having to physically go there.

I think "Call your broker" might fit more with the 1940s vibe of OG Monopoly - not that we haven't strayed far from that already.  :)