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Mad with Power - Rogue x 5



So, this commission piece done for :iconscaryserum: was his concept for a situation where Rogue's power stealing ability gets a bit "out of hand..." but we'll let him explain ;)

The scene has the following setup:
In a personal confrontation that escalated too far, Rogue used her power on teammate Emma Frost. Things only got worse when a freak accident caused certain aspects of Emma's personality to "infect" Rogue's. With new attitude and matching wardrobe, Rogue goes power-mad and begins to collect the abilities of other mutants.

Having stolen Multiple Man's power, she is now able to utilize a wide range of powers by isolating them to her duplicates and swapping them via telepathy. Rogue's collection has quickly grown and is now her own super-powered team, soon to be an army. The question is, will she use it for good or... something else?

There ya go :)

Hope you dig it!

cheers, all!

~Chad C.

p.s. Hero power stolen from left to right, top to bottom: She Hulk, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost, Mercury, Mystique.

*Full color commission

Part 2: Mad with Power-part2- Rogue by Chadwick-J-Coleman related piece:Rogue (Earth-161)-commission 01 by Chadwick-J-Coleman
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Probably going to get roasted for saying this, but daaaamn, they all look awesome.