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Although to some users on here that might not be worth mentioning, however, I felt the need to share that with you! My 100th watcher is non other than a good friend of mine, Rokas Mežetis; he goes my the name romengfx on Looking back at my older designs, it goes to show how much I have progressed as an artist and visual learner. This month I was featured on SLAM Magazines website for my Olympic style wallpaper featuring Deron Williams. Finally I wanted to say thank you to all of those who have supported my art and have given advice when now a days it is hard to come Thank you.  


Link to Deron Williams Wallpaper
Today marks the day where it is finally official that I have become a member of the quickest rising NBA wallpaper website on the internet. Releasing its 2.0 website mid-day today viewers and fans will be able to view, download and connect with some of the greatest artist and at work around the net. It was an honor to be a part of such a talented group of artists. With the London 2012 games just starting the USA has 529 athletes that represent our country. The best way we as artists can give back is to make great art inspired but such great athletes. We are rooting for you! USA

A series of Team USA Basketball wallpapers have already started to be released with more on the way..
Here is my version of Kevin Durant next to Big Ben.

My Derron Williams wallpaper will be up early next week so stay tuned.

I have entered a t-shirt contest through Some supporters say I have some pretty good designs and should start being recognized for it. I agree I could use more followers and exposure!
If I win...I get a package of merch and what not but also two VIP tickets to a show of Miike Snow.  My supports (people who voted) are shown in my account, so I will know who voted and who didnt.

All you have to do is click this link and click vote for both facebook and twitter (the more votes the better)…

Thank you for the support
2012 Summer Games Guide

One of my biggest projects that started off as inspiration from trolling through the inter webs and seeing another guide for film. So I took action. I wanted to make this a collab project but it turned out easier if I did most of the work myself. However; a good friend Matt rendered the Genre Icons for me. (Link Coming Soon). And more thanks to others coming soon.

This was also inspired by the great work of After spending so much time on that site in a way this might be considered and ode to them and their dedication for games.

The opinions expressed on this guide are that of my personal opinions as well as IGN's. The ratings are based off ESRB and may vary from time to time. Some ratings are currently pending while some I had a good feel of what they would be considered upon their release.

"Summer" is a term used loosely in this guide, for that it covers months April to October. There are still many games left out of this guide..simply because it was based off and time constraints. I wanted to get this out ASAP.

I plan on making another project similar to this, if this guide gets enough popularity. Be kind if a game you enjoy was left out or see any mistakes.

Share and post this on your social media sites, websites, blogs and so on. I would love IGN to see this and maybe Gamestop.

Game covers and game art are pending. I also want to say I do not claim ownership for any of these games or game art. Rights to respective owners.

Thank you.

Check it out here.…
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Iam in the process of collaborating with several different artist from across the globe on a decent sized project. Iam writing this because I want those people to know Iam serious about the completion of this. In time I feel it can be one of the best designs I can put my name along side. Each one of you are very skilled in ways that will greatly benefit this piece. Of course credit will be givien and link as well. I may have all of you even post the design, that way we all benefit and can be seen by more people in more places.

Check it out here.…

I know plenty of sites that let you sell art but yet they keep most of the profit! Does anyone have a site that allows you "the artist" to keep all the profit?
Thank you for those who helped respond to my comments and what not..Iam still learning to be a better designer. I learned everything on my own and that doesnt always mean its the right way. So when I see something I like.. I ask how it is done. If anyone has any great websites, tips, tricks or advice to give me that would be much appreciated. Thank you!