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May 18, 2017
The finely captured details of Lady G by ChadRouthier make an altogether dynamic photograph full of movement and vivid color.
Featured by JenFruzz
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Lady G

Page, AZ 2017    

To see this image on a neutral background please visit my site…

Pocket by ChadRouthier    Confound by ChadRouthier

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© 2017 - 2021 ChadRouthier
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Our group :iconphotographyworld: is most honoured for this outstanding picture and proudly featured it in their DDs section of Pieces for the Mind and for the Art journal. Thank you for letting your deviation included in our galleries!

I hope you won't mind a bit of suggestion: perhaps this is a good moment to enter a next level. If you are ready to expand your art, and you're open for a good initiative, please read this journal: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. If it is not your cup of tea I apologize for taking your time.

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That's so wonderful! Congratulations on your DD :clap:
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Stunning!!  So many depths within the striations.
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impressive interplay of shapes and colors.

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Beautiful. Congrats on the DD.
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Very cool, Antilope Canyon? Thank You
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Yes this is from Lower Antelope. Glad you like it
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Who's the artist ? Nature or the photographer who knows how to capture that beauty ?
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Nature. My images are simply my way of sharing my experiences of exploring this beautiful rock we all live on. If an image of mine crosses over to being a legitimate piece of art (subjective and I'll never declare that of any of my images as it's not up to me), sure it's a calibration but in the end it's nature my friend. I appreciate the sentiment and you taking the time to view my work. 
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Well, you take amazing photographs and taking the time to browse thru your work is a pleasure.
But nature is no artist. It fabricates, or is fabricated. It's an intentionless, meaningless manifestation. The fact that it is often beautiful beyond reason does not make it an artist. Art is about intention (and talent). 
That's just for the sake of argument ;)
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Thank you for the kind words and sentiment. 
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Featured Folder by Ancient--One

Your wonderful art has been placed in our Featured folder. Congratulations!


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Very cool thanks
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You're AWESOME!!!

You're very welcome!   I'm very pleased that you like it.
Funny thing...  since I became founder, I pretty much only had the featured folder with rare submissions to that folder.  I gave up the position to Sublime-Feline Who  brought me into co-founder status. 

We created  additional folders of Best of the Best, Ancient--One's folder,  the Hold folder, the 20 folder, and my own  Excellence Award, because the amount of entries that were so fine,  that my folders were filling up... so many... my 20 folder  stays full  for the monthly Best of the Best postion which comes out on the first Friday of each  month.

Then there's the Hold folder  to pull from each month for the 20 folder, so I needed my own Award.
Please don't think I value your art less than the other awards.  There's just so many now to choose from.  And the "Hold" folder is REALLY filling up.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Have a Great day.
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