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Truly the best one I've been watching the Critic since before youtube banned it, and you all did phenomenal job of sending the character out in a blaze of glory!
By the way much respect to your acting ability sir I was very pleasantly surprised!
I loved it. Sad to see the Nostalgia Critic retired(the character I mean, I saw Doug's Vlog I know he has more projects on the way), and does anybody now why Spooney left the site? CR if you see this do you have any answers?
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The nerd cameo was sorta obvious
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It was great to see you in it.
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For the first time, I can say that CA production was good enough to buy the DVD.

*looks at oncoming Wii U*

....Nah, I'm better off with the DVD.....
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The fuck! no more weekly Nostalgia Critic Episodes, I come to the site for reviews or analysis over nerd stuff not skits.

But I wonder what's Demo Reel, is it like Half in The Bag?
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Not everyone does skits. In fact, most of them don't. Film Brain has never done one.
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Just watched the whole thing in one go.
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I love it when people do this... I liked your role a lot! :D

Could you even SEE out of those glasses you were wearing?! XD
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great special. hey, will you be giving a commentary?
Loved it.
it's a shame most of the spoony scenes are pretty sad in retrospect.
Also, you did really good CR!
I'd love to see more of you acting!
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Being completely honest here, I cried at the last 10 minutes of the Finale.
Wonderfully done!
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What an awesome anniversary video, you guys did freakin spectacular. Its amazing that some internet nerds can come together create a 4 hour something epic, and make it MORE entertaining then a majority of Hollywood can with their big budgets.

A freakin plus.
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This isn't the end of the NC... is it?
Waffle-With-Big-Arms's avatar
We can only wait 'til next Tuesday, night and see.
torquesmacky's avatar
Or not; he just admitted that was the end.
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gonna watch it all over again,
but i liked it,
in my opinion more than Suburban Knights,
got kind of shaky in the middle,
but the first two and last two parts were really good,
and you had a pretty major role in this.
just one question,
what the major plot hole you thought of?
of were you just making background noise?
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Ok... That was odd...
So, I'm guessing my thoughts on the Scooby-Doo review was correct Doug is retiring or taking a hiatus?
I liked all the stuff dealing with space and parodies and all ok but the Critic in the real world meeting himself thing was a bit much.
I still say it'd been cool if they gave Zod the superman powers hell it'd been really cool to seen him and MechaKara fighting in the background or inter cut with the space battle if you had them fighting like something out of a comicbook movie or something! You know both with laser eyes trying the burn each other's faces off or slamming each other around with super strength! Hell you could've made fun of the slow-mo effects in movie by having them fight at super speed!
I do think it's an unique way o setting it up now no one has to keep a strict canon anymore!
I HATE to say it but if you re-edited the ending bits you could've had a good and some what pleasing heroic out for Spoony, but no it's kind of bitter sweet ending that's made even more depressing!
I do like the Akira joke didn't try to bring in any of that Amoebas stuff! Speaking of Akira I love the callout to it's ending with the flashes of light in this case a new "plot hole" with a character calling his name! I wasn't sure if the critic seen Akira!
I am also kinda relieved like some that ya'll did fight the urge to do the "Luke I'm your Father" joke!
I was expecting some one else as the Gort looking guy!
So is there like an even longer cut of this!?
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You and the rest of the cast did some great work in this, CR! Well done!
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Epic saga is epic
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cant wait to get the dvd.
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So we have the movie(To Blodly Flee), the massive crossover review(Southland Tales), the many crossovers made during the filming, and Paw's Dance Extravaganza. Is there an anniversary tradition I'm missing?
mulchi's avatar
Spooning with Spoony for obvious reasons.
uneek35's avatar
Did they do that last year?
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