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I just noticed today that I got a Subscription to DA from an Anonymous fan. Thank you so much. 

Here's a little thanksgiving special for everyone. 
Here's an Artcast where I talk about all the individual Momsters and the process of making them . Enjoy.  

Well there they are. A new Monster mom for every day in October. I've tried to do this for about two years but other things would always came up. I might now do this next year so everybody enjoy.  

Mom-sters 2017: Mrs. Katswell Vampire by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Genie Marge by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Angie Diaz Kaju by ChadRocco  Mom-sters: Vintage Becky by ChadRocco  Mom-sters: Invisible Mom by ChadRocco
Mom-sters: Debbie the Blob by ChadRocco  Mom-sters:Mummy Miriam by ChadRocco  Mom-sters: Ghost Wilma by ChadRocco  Mom-sters: Delia-bot by ChadRocco  Mom-sters: Patricia The Creature by ChadRocco
Mom-sters 2017: Headless And Nameless by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Linda Witch by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Black Cat Willow by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Sarah Medusa by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Skele-Tonitini by ChadRocco
Mom-sters 2017: Lydia-Stein by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017-Wendy Werewolf by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Queen Scarecrow by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Emma Zombie by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Spider Barbera by ChadRocco
Mom-sters 2017: Elf Andy by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Pirate Rita by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Fortunetelling Fran by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Maria Fairy by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Superhero Helen by ChadRocco
Mom-sters 2017: Francine the Slasher by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Pumpkin Ann by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: Steampunk Maddie by ChadRocco  Mom-sters 2017: The Other Mitzi by ChadRocco  Miriam the Mage by ChadRocco
Mom-sters 2017: Devil Peg by ChadRocco 

Also feel free to stop by and Watch some Spooky Halloween video reviews over on my channel:

Halloween in Duckburg by ChadRocco

 Return of the Top 13 Weirdest Halloween Specials 


An apology to a pretty decent show.

Princess Melony returns to answer the question: How can I turn 2 minutes with of thoughts into a week of work.

Here is the original video where princess Melony came from:
Welp it turns out I need some cash for an unexpected bill. So I'm taking the call for commission. However I have to be up front. I already have 5 other people on the commission books. That being said if you'd like a commission I'm putting out and open call. Just note me and we will hammer out the details. 

Here are the outlines:

*Up front Paypal payment.

*Good Rule of thumb: "If it's in my Gallery, I'll probably draw it...if it's not, I probably won't. 

*You can request that the commission be private, and I won't post it in my gallery. You can also request that I send it to you by email so you can post it in your own gallery or I can get it to you through stash. 

Here's the price list and sample each type of commission:

Color = $35 (+ $10 for each additional character)

Starfire Doesn't Split Hairs by ChadRocco   Vivi by ChadRocco   I can smell trouble... by ChadRocco 

   Fawn Deer by ChadRocco   A Tale of Two Trixies by ChadRocco   You Need a Smile by ChadRocco

Line Art = $18 (+$7 for each additional character)
Maddie Fenton by ChadRocco    Predie Puff by ChadRocco   Harriette and Me by ChadRocco   Dexter's Mom by ChadRocco   Touch of Tenderness... by ChadRocco 

Digital Skecth = $10 (+ $4 for each additional character)

Doodle Noodle Leni by ChadRocco   Lisa by ChadRocco Nova  by ChadRocco