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Two- Face

A final commission by :iconlibrasnakes13:

A minimalist interpretation of Two-Face.

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reminds me of the poster of the classic movie scarface 
DeadDog2007's avatar
friggin sweet piece....go figure that my first comment is on some guy villain rather than all those babes you nailed...huh, i meant as in nailed their likeness.... and gorgeous.
ivanprime93's avatar
Best fan art of Two-Face ever- :D
CR, you do a great two-face! Could you draw Harley Quinn (original) ?
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DragonWarrior24's avatar
it got featured on the dc tumblr page
ChadRocco's avatar
that's cool. Got a link?
ChadRocco's avatar
Cool, thank you. 
EB-the-GAMER's avatar
better than scarface for sure!
Heads I win, tails you lose.
Quite impressive.
Gummi-Thor's avatar
I'd buy that up as a poster!
ScorpioMonkey's avatar
You never fail to amaze me :)
J4B's avatar
That looks pretty cool.
TheDUDERulez's avatar
As usual, you kick ass!
Steelepone's avatar
Can wait to see
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This definitely just became my favorite CR piece, well crafted sir, well crafted.
TheNewXv2's avatar
This would be an amazing T-shirt. Especially if the whole T-shirt was black and white, split down the middle just like that, with the same color scheme on the front and the back.

I would order that immediately and wear it everywhere. :D
CorellianScoundrel's avatar
Nothing minimal about your design. Epic!
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