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Halloween Night

The title card for my 2021 Halloween video:
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Real Great video

jppiper's avatar

Happy Halloween!

Tabascofanatikerin's avatar
cmara's avatar

Perfect costumes for Anne, Marcy and Sasha :D

ArtOfMattEldritch's avatar

First off; I LOVE THIS

Second of all; I would pay good money to have the Calamity trio actually dress as the Totally Spies! trio in canon.

HewyToonmore's avatar

Hold it. That's not Tony Jay as the Invisible Man, that's Paxton Whitehead. I recognize his voice as Sir David Tushingham from the two Jim Henson's Dinosaurs Clipshow episodes.

ChadRocco's avatar

Oh your right.

HewyToonmore's avatar

Hopefully you'll address this in a future video?

TheTubich's avatar

Its a good work :meow:

PLCTheCd's avatar

I am digging the Amphibia Trio as the Totally Spies trio. Plus, I love the Gengar as Totoro.

FinntheJedi1025's avatar

Nice pic! I wanna see Anne, Sasha, and Marcy dressed as pigs with fake pig noses so they can be three adorable little piggies!

Tito-Mosquito's avatar

With her costume, Summer could be mistaken for a hooker. :XD:

MarseT's avatar

cool halloween costume choices, though i don't know what the shark and mermaid girl are suppose to be

shadowpump4567's avatar

Sharko and Marlene from Zig and Sharko, and they're Janine and Egon from Real Ghostbusters.

lonereviewer1984's avatar

Actually sharko is supposed to be Peter venkman In real ghostbusters egon wore blue and pink Peter has green and brown

MarseT's avatar

oh ok thank you

TriassicLane's avatar

Anne, Sasha and Marcy dressed as Alex, Sam and Clover from Totally Spies made my day =)

subjub's avatar

New episode was great and love the character choices for the title card

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