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The Redemption

model: Meluxine
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RowenBellamy-Model's avatar
The little patch of white skin peeking from between the skirt and corset does a nice job of cutting up the darkness, which might almost overwhelming otherwise. The soft motion of her hair is nice too.
Nsaia's avatar
I've said it before, but you two have done amazing work together!
b13visuals's avatar
Sweetness! Super shot and atmosphere!
AWhitesPhotography's avatar
Outstanding. Excellent lighting and the thought provoking nature of the composition...I like it !
fourteenthstar's avatar
sexy-fetish's avatar
this is just amazing
LovittGirl's avatar
Love the drama! Excellent lighting!
11thDimensionPhoto's avatar
Stunning! One of the best photos I've seen of this model. Sorry :iconmastertouch:!
mastertouch's avatar
lol thats ok I am more than cool with being out done by Chad ;)
11thDimensionPhoto's avatar
Holy shit man! I thought because you had already commented you wouldn't be seeing that. I've been watching you for quite some time. You do fantastic work with Meluxine yourself. Fantastic work all the way around I should say. Sorry for my momentary lapse.
mastertouch's avatar
lol cheers mate... she is a star regardless of whos camera she is in front of
11thDimensionPhoto's avatar
I'll definitely agree with that statement. Thanks bro!
NeuBild's avatar
great art +++++
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