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Vista Style Icon for Notepad++

Just a quick Vista Style icon for Notepad++, my favorite text editor. I have included both the .ico file and the PNGs.
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Perfect! better then the normal icon!
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Looks very nice on Vista Ultimate. Applied with Resourcehacker, only issue is lack of file associated icon.
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Thank you so much for making this amazing icon!  It looks so wonderful.  Definitely my favourite text editor.
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dumb question but do I change all my notepad++ icons to this? (ie. right-click menu icon, top left corner icon ..etc)
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I just replace the icon for the application executable using Reshacker.
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great! even better than the original one.
Clean Good and Perfect! I will use it forever!
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Very Nice. Thanks
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I really hope this becomes the replacement icon for the application, this is by far the best one out there... also some guy included in his stuff, he should probably give you credit... [link]
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Thank you very much. I also appreciate the heads up on the CC violation. I've requested a correction on the site. If you ever need an icon for anything, just let me know.
cooooooool, thank you
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Also my favorite editor. Your icon is REALLY beautiful, thanks to share your great work with us. i'm sure it will be like a gem shining on my desktop, lol
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thx dude! this was exactly what i was looking for!
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Eh dude, you are going to be a celebrity. Notepad++ 5.5 has changed to a new icon that most of people don't like. Yours has been suggested as a replacement. See the "heated" debate here about the icon.


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Goodness. People are passionate about the new icon. I'd be happy to lend the use of my icon to the Notepad++ developers, or even work with them to create a new one for them that would be a perfect fit in their minds. I do see a LOT of open source developers who don't go with a 256x256 icon, I wish I could help them ALL replace their icons! Well, I don't know if you have a user over there or not, but feel free to tell them they can contact me. I am more than happy to help out. I am a prolific NP++ user.
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Great Idea! Love using it. :)
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nice thanks
will be wonderful if you can make one for file association
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