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Simply Google Icon Collection

A slew of Google icons based on the favicons, but all blowed up. PNG and ICO format. I threw in a couple of Vista Glass styled folders as well. I hope you enjoy.

UPDATE: Get Part I of the updated set of Google Icons (Simply Google II - Part I) HERE: [link]
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Would you like this to be featured in my weekly 'Google art' Journal?
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Thanks! That would be great!
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Okay. Would you like an extra deviantation of your choose featured also?
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Sure. I have a second Google Icon Pack that may interest you. Located here: [link]
Beautiful! Thank you
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Awesome, exactly what i was looking for to use on my android.
How change the icons? i dont know how to do
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Depends what OS you are running, it is different for all of them. These are in .ico and PNG formats. If you are on a Mac you'll need a tool to convert them. Here is a link to help you change them on windows [link]
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are you nearly finished with the new icon pack?
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See the update above (with link). I posted "Simply Google II: Part I". Just add me to your watch list for the next update.
sorry, you have upload it already, thanks!
Gee Thanks alot for these icons. I will also use them as folder icons for special things that sometimes if you don't color the folder you miss it being there. Thank You --David
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Very nice!! Downloading these for my desktop now.. =) Awesome job. Would like to see more icons like this in the future.
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These are gorgeous, =tempest. I love all things Google in any case, but these are the most awesome set of icons I've run across. You're the Best!
great icons, but this are the old google icons. Here are the new one: [link]
but the icons have an white border you can't remove easily, so you can't use them on your desktop. Could you remove that white border, and make icons of them?

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Actually I am in the process of doing all of these icons. With more icons in the old style as well (for those people who like the older style) Seems like this Deviant is just nabbing these from Google. Is that right? The ones I'm working on are 256 x 256, and are created from scratch.

I recently completed some work for [link] and they are now using the icons from my latest set (if you are interested in seeing a preview). I will post to DA in the next couple of weeks.

Note, when I post them on DA, they are not for commercial use. If you want to use them for commercial use, please send me a message privately.
when are you going to post that iconpack?
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It is coming... work has been crazy and had to make a Turducken. I appreciate the enthusiasm.
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