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Simply Google II: Part I

I've been promising these icons for a while, but have been crazy-busy with real world work. But here is Part 1 of what will be a two part set. I got caught with Google changing their branding while in the middle of working on these... so it is a mixed bag of old and new style icons. If you need these for commercial purposes, please contact me directly.
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A great job. Goes to favs!
wouldn't it be better if you make 2 packs, one with the "new style" and one with the old one?
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Nah. Afterall, it is just a pack of free icons, not some product I am packaging and selling. I am pretty sure people are smart enough to look at the pack and pick which icon they want to use. Besides, neither the old or new are "complete". I was working on one when Google stared changing their branding, so I just kept adding and adding...
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This is a beautiful set of icons. Google really knows how to sell a product with a simple icon, and you made a lovely pack of them. I like that there's multiple versions of just about everything. I feel like it's a shame Google doesn't just have something like this freely available for developers with an easy to use url.
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Yeah, you kinda have to go all over, or hack URLs and none of the icons are bigger than 128 x 128. Bummer, but that is why I made all of these Icons. I also like to have some consistent folder icons for my OS.
looks realy nice. but i doesn't like the border. compare "goog-docs.ico" with "goog-docs-doc-new.ico"

i like the last one much more!
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The one with the border is nothing but a stray file, shouldn't have been included in the pack, oh well... just use the one you like.
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