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Adobe CS3 Vista Glass Folders

By ChadJackson
UPDATE: Not sure what happened to my zip file. But it should be fixed and available for download now.

Here is a set of Vista Glass Folder Icons for the Adobe CS3 Suite with their new styling. I have included some additional folders for Photoshop (the blue ones). I am sure there are a couple of apps that I've missed, and I will be looking at expanding the supporting folders. Please note that the 16x16 icons have been done according to MS standards and are far more usable at the small size than if I had just sized them down in my icon editor. I hope you enjoy.


1. Extract the icons to a folder of your choice, I have an "Icons" folder in "Documents".
2. Customize any folder by right clicking on the folder, selecting "properties"
3. Clicking the "customize" tab.
4. Click the "Change Icon" button.
5. Then just select the icon from your Icons folder in your "Documents".

NOTE: As long as you don't move the icons the folder icons will remain intact.
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I love these icons so much. They're probably my favorite folder icons out there because the 16x16 version is SO PERFECT - so clear and detailed and making perfect use of the tiny space. I check regularly to see if you've made an update or added more to this set and I'd be so happy if you did - or even a PSD to customize them! But I know it's a lot to ask and I'm already very grateful that you're sharing these for free. Thank you!!!
very nice.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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You may post a link back to my DA page, but please don't publish it as your own work.
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PSD file pleease
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Nice - but how does one install them for Vista???

None of the sets seem to include instructions.... :(
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I just have a "Icons" folder in my Documents. Any folder in vista you can customize by right clicking on the folder, selecting "properties", clicking the "customize" tab and the "Change Icon" button. Then just select the icon from your Icons folder in your "Documents". As long as you don't move the icons the folder icons will remain intact.
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Thanks... but I got rid of Vista last week.... Garbage!!!!
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I have heard a lot of complaints, but I have not had even half the problems others seem to have had. Admittedly I am a bit of a power user, so maybe I automatically took care of some of the annoyances. But it has been a workhorse. I am running a fairly new machine (Dual AMD x64, 4GB Ram, 750G HD and a beefy nVidia graphics card). The only real issues I have had have been driver related.
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I was running 32 bit Home media version.... I also had Ultimate on another Box last year for all of a week... In either case Explorer was a crock!!! Right clicking on the desktop says it all... a 3 minute wait for the oprions to come up... Just one example of how utterly miserable it is.... Mac on the other hand continues to rock n roll... I had a play with a Power MAc Quad midweek and it totally blew me away. Absolutely no doubt in my mind about what my next box will be. I am still gutted I spent the money on the PC for my wife in January/// I could have given her my 24inch iMac which I use 99% of the time myself anyway... loaded parallels on it and bought myself The Power Mac... If only I had checked it put earlier.....
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I have not had your experience with Vista (I am using Ultimate). Sorry to hear that, and since I am no MS Apologist, so I will leave it there. I will say that in 26 years of computer usage (12 of them professionally) I have had my fair share of issues with any environment. Dos, Windows (Literally EVERY flavor), OS9, OSX, Unix, Linux, Vax/VMS, OS/2 Warp, BeOS... you name it... I have likely run it, broke it, trouble shot it, and simultaneously loved and hated it. I have my fair share of issues with Macs and PCs... I use PCs mainly in life because I can build them big and powerful for cheaper than I can a Mac. HOWEVER, I am running a Hackintosh on the hardware sitting next to me and a Linux box (running CentOS) on the other side. So... I guess where my rambling leads me is: Use whatever works for you, and enjoy.
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Damn right... ANd I've been there too... USed to work for eterprise pioneers Boole & Babbage way back among others... OS2 Warp etc,,,X86 Thru XP.. Still reckon 98SE was the best one Microsoft ever turned out.... I have issues with Linux too... even OSX.. The one difference ids that I get far more work done on the Mac than I ever did on Windows... I don't have to spend all day troubleshooting it. cleaning it. defending it etc. etc. etc.

From the day I bought it in September 2006 it has been a complete love affair... and though I have the PC for the wife,,, I have a skeleton XP running in Parallels for troubleshooting the PC and also to run Ultra fractal..

I spent about 5 days downgrading the HP... The new ones are a nightmare - not only are they set up raid-locked but also they have the drives set as Dynamic.... In Vista Partition Magic doesn't work... The Vista partitioner lets you do nothing....To cut a long stoty short after about 3 days of trying different stuff I finally got the drive in such away as I could format it... and am running XP SP3 without any problem at all... Most drivers seem to work though HP have their heads stuck up the Micro$oft A*** and will not support XP in any way, shape, form or colour: Particularly wih XP compatible drivers....

My Keyboard driver is a problem - but most likely it will be getting replaced tomorrow... replacements are cheap enough and generally much better than OEM Keyboards... and driver supported to boot.

At least the Missus is happy that she can finally get some work done on it... so if she's happy I can get some work done on the Mac.... Incidentally I downgraded it from Leopard... I had a weird graphics issue but feel it may be the graphics card as opposed to a software issue... It's weird in that the problem (like a horizontal digital scratch) appears only on open windows.. rarely across the desktop.... Like it's clipped to the window..... That is why I assumed it was Software and not Hardware... However I do get the problem occasionally on Tiger too since the downgrade but nowhere near as much... so I will stick with Tiger for now....
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Hey, OMG love these! but could i make a suggestion? When you have the icons in the smallest setting (16x16) the icons look odd. i think its because, the icon you have inside the folder is actually overlapping the left outside of the folder... if that makes any sense...
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Thanks very much. The overlap is intentional. It is the way the standard 16px vista folders are done for the OS. It makes them easier to see at the small size.
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Not on my vista.... on mine, the icons go underneith the folder.

and i'm using the default icons.
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I think I tried the Adobe icons on top of the folder flap and underneath it and opted to have them on the top for visibility. You can not like that, it is just easier to see at high resolutions.
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Here, I'd love to see a few custom folders in the next set. Something like Counter-Strike/Steam folder.

Great stuff!
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Any other suggestions? I will take some requests.
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That is probably all really. Just because I don't need much else ;p
These are really nice.

Sorry to bug you, but do you think you could post/pm me the PSD for the aurora folder please? I really want to make some cusom icons for my user folder [e.g. eBooks etc] thanks!

Loving these!
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I would be happy to knock those out for you (and maybe use them myself). Send me a list of icons you are thinking about.
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nice... they really resemble the original files. Likethe tinted glass to go with the apps colour too!
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Thank you very much!
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