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April 7, 2013
The Snake by ~Chadamo
Suggested by Cymae
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The Snake

I did the rendering in 3ds Max with Mental Ray and the post-process in Photoshop.
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© 2013 - 2021 Chadamo
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Hi Chadamo! I really loved your art, this is an amazing work! We are about to publish a short story in Lektu platform and we wanted to know if, giving you credit about it, we could use this art for the cover.

Let me know, please :) and thanks!

Val-Da-Artist-Gal's avatar
Daaaaaaaammmmm, this is amazing! Great details... :O
Chadamo's avatar
Hey thanksss! I'm glad you liked it :)
Val-Da-Artist-Gal's avatar
Heheheee, anytime... Wish I had those skills...
Chadamo's avatar
Thanks it just practice ahah I have one personnal rule and it is that each new project I start should be better than the last one I did. Then I don't stop working until I am happy :)
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nigelbug1's avatar
Excellent picture
Chadamo's avatar
Thank you nigelbug! :)
nigelbug1's avatar
Your very welcome
Chadamo's avatar
Hey hey! thanks again, it was really fun to make this image!
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DragonInfernoArt's avatar
Damn I love the aggression!
AtsaL78's avatar
I would love to see more snakes...I would definitely use them. I have hard time finding them out there.

I used it this one here:…
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Excellent piece!
artfromtheheart92's avatar
TimberClipse's avatar
I wanted to let you know that I have featured you in my latest article
Thank you for sharing your skills with the community here.
Best wishes
Chadamo's avatar
Thanks for the interest you have about my image, I appreciate that you liked it!
And thanks for putting my image in your article :)
TimberClipse's avatar
It was my pleasure :)
nnq2603's avatar
4K resolution :o
Destin-Kirkland's avatar
Looks like a pissed off Anaconda. o -- o ;;
LittleGab's avatar
The details are amazing, i could touch it ;)
LadySerpent's avatar
It looks like you worked really hard on this -- great stuff! The detail in each individual scale is exquisite. Congrats on the DD. I see you have a lot of awesome work in your gallery -- glad I had a chance to stumble across it.

-Lady S.
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