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ME2: Galaxy's Best Driver

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...just like old times aye?....
cue music! [link]


Ahhh...the mako, how I miss you so...


So I've recently played LotSB and I have to say it's the best DLC Bioware has released yet, if you haven't played it yet, go get it!...:aww:
Like now....

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I live, I die. I live again!
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SHARK-008Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ryder should have learn from Shepard. :B
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Grumpy Emote I hate the vehicle in the first game.
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It was ok but the controls were slightly bad
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xXPaintedLadyHobbyist General Artist
How did I not die driving this thingDead (RIP) One of the reasons I won't drive in real.
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dovahkiinhawkeStudent Traditional Artist
I feel you pain Liara.
Mantic64's avatar
You Carsick Yet Garrus?
Mindoir's avatar
Well, at least she always got them to their destination in one piece -more or less :D
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Blazin-Wolf's avatar
XD So true after playing ME & ME2
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Ahahahah I just finished that DLC mission with these two in my squad and I'm just... Shepard, you are a horrible driver. Let's be thankful Joker's the Normandy's pilot, hm~ XD

Their expressions made my day :D
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Shepard is the greatest hero in the Galaxy... and the worst driver... and the worst dancer
dovahkiinhawke's avatar
dovahkiinhawkeStudent Traditional Artist
Yeah, that just about sums everything up, except them being a wait.... Spoiler(if you haven't played me2) a zombie.
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NinjaStripesStudent Artist
Something only ME fans understand.  Really funny!!!
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...I miss driving up nearly 90° cliffs...
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Myshepard know how to drive the Mako properly.
Insidiak's avatar
Never understood why Shep gets so much Flak about driving. Looking at his/her track record, (s)he has been very successful.
BigBlueStar's avatar
Hahaha, I really missed the Mako. Once I got the hang of it, it was the BEST. GETH. SMASHER. EVAH. And then came LotSB... Seriously, that chase scene? Hilarious. The dialogue is great and I could only imagine Liara clutching the seat and going - you guessed it - "TRUCK!" :D
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Shepard and driving just don't mix.

And I loved every moment of them, and imagining the absolute terror my squad experienced.
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Lolz actually the air cars have holo-interfaces but I guess a steering wheel works too. Damn those two just can't get a break.
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Starfear494Hobbyist General Artist
I loved that part. I agree, LotSB was one of the best DLCs for ME2. However, now Citadel DLC beats LotSB any time. 
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HAHAHAHAHA. In my imagination my hawke makes that exact same face!! Thnx dude, made my day
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Ezri-KriosHobbyist Writer
Featured. [link] :-)
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