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Little Girl

Little Girl
Alexey V. Matveev
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Wonderful picture! I like it so much!
Please allow me to draw it!
GabyClaire's avatar
I love this, and had a go at drawing it:
Thanks for the lovely photo.
BlackAntoid's avatar
Hello, I drew this, I hope you don't mind! I just LOOOVE this picture! Here's the link: [link]
JubliantTroo's avatar
This is simply one of the most adorable pictures I've seen.
diamondaria's avatar
Very sweet! and cute, my friend says :heart:
MadamWonderland's avatar
I love it it's Pure Innocence I just wanna bake into a cookie and eat her! JK ^-^ Either Way LOVE IT!!!! <3 it's very beautiful and the little girl is beautiful and the only question that will never be answered is what the heck is she looking at?!
MadamWonderland's avatar
Can i use this pic for my fan-fic?
Stecay's avatar
I drew the your photo, I don't know if you like it but here it is.. [link]
Stecay's avatar

This is the inscanned drawing
A young girl, with pigtails and curiousity, who seems to be playing at a playground?
Nice! :D
AvatarAndrea's avatar
Very beautiful! Both the girl and the picture :D
tuxxon's avatar
cute - love those eyes :-)
jessica94ere's avatar
Hehe. uneven ponytails. The obvious trait of a little girl ^_^ :D

this is a lovely shot! :)
blacklemons's avatar
I sketched her and it's in my gallery. [link]
doesn't do her a justice though and will probably later be moved to scraps
BlackScarletLove's avatar
cute little turned up nose lol
KimIsMissing's avatar
Ohhh cute and pretty!!!! May I draw her?? shes so cute!!! (i'll give you credit))
Opera-Spectress's avatar
Traumatizedpsycho's avatar
I used this photo for a photo manipulation contest, for altered people and I thought she was adorable so I used her. The picture is a little macabre but I hope you don't mind and I gave you credit for the picture of her. Here is the link to the picture. [link]
this looks alot like my little cousin or my friends little sister
smearwatercolours's avatar
hello, I was wondering if I could use this for a drawing of mine
I know some people mind, so I wanted to ask first
It would be greatly appreciated! :)
dreama-draws's avatar
May I draw this?
Awwwww... She's So Cute =] So Innocent !
sleeping-alone's avatar
I featured this image in my latest journal :aww:
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