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We're allways together



Humanized The Three Caballeros.
Even if the physical distance is far, there is always their heart near each other...

I'm sorry before some answers.
I write it in poor English now because I thought that it is a good opportunity.

I have a dream.
It is to watch the sequel spin-off work of The Three Caballeros in this time.
I really love this work and them.
Therefore I do not spare an effort.
If my "Humanization" can have influence that it is good for it on the small opportunity, I am glad.
I think so and draw it.

I describe it in form called "Humanization", but love the original above all.
I bring it close by their splendid character of the original and want to draw it.
With sincere love.

I think that I have more people come to like The Three Caballeros if I can express it.
And I think that I may bring it close to my dream.

I draw it towards a dream from now on.
Please walk together if good.

Thanks for reading.

(I took the wrong spelling in a picture... revised it )
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I started to like them after I saw your works😍