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Humanized young Scrooge Mcduck.

He is excellent at motor nerves and is intellectual and is handsome.
I love him who is an ambitious person above all!
(But I most love him who is past middle age^^)
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I love how you've made him look so proud and dignified while wearing dirt and rags. It really drives the point that he's a man who makes his wealth through hard work and determination.
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King of the Klondike
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This is just brilliant! You're a genius!!
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I am in love with your art <3 It would be great humanized Scrooge and Goldie, and also Donald, Goofy and Mickey as the three musketeers <3
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Jack Chalker wrote a book on Scrooge McDuck's life and this must be from when he was in the Yukon and starting to amass his incredible fortune.

No wonder the Beagle Boys felt it was a sinecure for them to pillage & plunder !
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He looks a little like Naruto. Your gallery is a joy to look through!
Yeees, please!!! Could you draw young Sgrooge with Goldie? I'm so curious...
I usually hate Sgrooge character, but I absolutely LOVE young Sgrooge's stories in  "The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" (Don Rosa)
You made him so cool!
All your works are GREAT ^.^   (
Wonderful Caballeros  too ;-)  )
Very nice picture.
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draw him with glittering o'goldie!!! 
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I so totally love this!  I have a whole collection of old comics that chronical Scrooge McDuck's rise to riches.  In particular, my favorites were the ones during the Yukon gold rush and his romance with Glittering Goldie!  Hey, maybe you should do her too!  I remember their first interaction . . .
Goldie: "Hey Argonaut!  Why don't you stop in for a meal?"
Scrooge:  "Bah!  I ate just last week!  Regular meals are for softies!"
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Yes! I love young Scrooge McDuck ;u;
Especially the Don Rosa's comics about him <33
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I have some of those old Young Scrooge comics! I absolutely adore him!
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Lovely! It's amazing, how you can humanize them completly and still when one looks at them can tell directly which character it is.
And just a question, but you wouldn't happen to have a humanized version of "Glittering Goldie" to go with this one (and I simply oversaw it in your gallery).
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Wow, this is just so awesome!Your drawings are brilliant! :D
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OMG!! Fantastic!!
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finaaallly i found you!!!!, i saw your art in 9gag, i just very very impressed to your style, specially,,,,i can't stop starin after i saw this pic,,,,this is fuckin awesome,,i always loves him, im glad you draw him with such handsome face,,,im imagining his face when he meet goldie
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So handsome. I kinda wanted to see him with that girl he met on his younger days x3
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You made him look so badass and cool! 8D
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Words can't describe how much I love this.Excellent work!
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