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Humanized Timon, Pumbaa, Simba from ”The Lion King".
I love very very very much this trio!!!

I announce my opinion for the opinion about this picture. (09/04/2013 jornal:[link])
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Awesome human version!

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The offended ones who commented here just went full retard. :|
Anyhow, this one is still of my fav pics :heart: Don't listen to haters!
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It mean no worries!
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love your character!
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Simba is so sexy and hot here!
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I love Pumbaa's look. 
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This is awesome!
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I just wonder why Simba and Timon are white... Both are supposed to be african animals, aren't they ?
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Because, obviously, they're trying to match the color of the animal, not the country they're from.
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Nah, they just wanted to ignore all the Zulu and Swahili music and culture in the film, clearly black African, because white is the default to them and they think it looks better and don't care if it's offensive because only white people matter. If they drew the characters as black, they wouldn't matter as much to them. It's sickening and they know that's what they're doing and the people that defend this know that's what they're doing. Being ignorant about a mane color, saying black people can't have red hair. Oh, yes, they can! Saying there weren't any kings or queens in Africa. Oh, yes there were! I've read through these comments and have seen so much ignorance. It's disgusting and I'm appalled at how they'd sing along to the songs of the Lion King, embrace the movie, but can't stand that the movie takes place in Africa and that as human, these people would be black Africans! It takes place in Tanzania too, so they can stop with the white South African invaders crap they also love to pull. 
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TheReapersApprentice  And you don't give a damn because white is right, right? Yeah, you'd love to depict a gorilla as black, huh? Isn't that also another one of your racist stereotypes? That black people are like monkeys and gorillas? That doesn't surprise me. The movie clearly pays homage to the African setting of the movie. They even cast black people to play them in the Broadway show. You are pulling every excuse out of your ass to make them white because you want them to be white. You wouldn't be able to stand it or relate to them being black or think it wouldn't look right. Many people in these comments have said the same in their defense of this white-washing nonsense. They would be black. Get the fuck over it. People calling out racism are not the people keeping racism alive. Racism would go on undeterred if people didn't call it out. Were Civil Rights Activists keeping racism alive for standing up against racism? Really? Logic, here people, logic. A weatherman saying it's going to rain is not the one making it rain. 
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Wow I just laughed at this whole comment xD You're just looking for something to be upset about, aren't you? What makes you think that they're outright lashing out at black people? Seriously that's ridiculous. They're just trying to use the color of the animals. The animals aren't black people. They're animals in Africa. It has nothing to do with race. People in Africa are dark, but animals have all sorts of different colors. If I were to personify a gorilla, I'd make them a black person, if I were to personify a lion, they'd be "white" or peach colored or whatever you wanna call it. Because of the color of the animal. Not because of race or what people look like in a certain country at all. In fact, I might not even make a panda Asian-looking.
People like you, however, try to turn it into racism. This is EXACTLY why racism is still around. People like you throwing tantrums. xD It's ridiculous. Get over yourself.

Pah, I'm just gonna block you cuz you're annoying and obviously thick-skulled. I said my part and quite frankly don't really want to get more involved than this.

Oh and before you think I'm racist, I have a very racially diverse family consisting of Polynesians, Asians, African Americans, and Caucasians. But guess what? To me, they're just my aunts, uncles, and cousins.
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I like white human Simba. Not only does he look good, but this design inspired an idea that I plan to use in a story of mine, a ginger white tribal African. I thought it was a fantastic concept because you don't see it to often in fantasy storytelling. Many good things can be pulled from this design, and I like that. To the person who you were arguing with, If that's how he freaking feels then why don't he just draw a black version of human Simba himself???

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"If I were to personify a gorilla, I'd make them a black person"
holy shit
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I love these kind of images where a cartoon character is given that human look. Brilliant.
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It means no worrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees,
For the rest of your daaaaaaaaaaaaaays,
It's our problem freeeeeeeeee
Hakuna Matataaaaaaaaaa
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You did a great job portraying them as humans.
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I love this song because it was the song me and my Daddy sang together. Lion King will always be me and my dad's movie.
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¿porque simba y timon son blancos?
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Ah, your art is so amazing! I just love your art style; it's so cute! And I love the idea of humanizing the animal Disney characters. (I have thought about doing that as well in the past.) Simply amazing.:happybounce: 
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It means no worries for the rest of your day's!
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