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Humanized ”The Lion King"
I love their relationship. It is a family, and they are close friends.
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SuperMarioFan65|Student Digital Artist
The gang's all here in the oasis!
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Hmm...I think I can see them looking like that when I hear them speak. Nod
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Lolliangel00|Professional Traditional Artist
This is so fantastic!<3
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Andromeda-Swan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!! :D:D :happybounce: :clap:
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HonkiNoShika|Hobbyist General Artist
*Swoon* I love young Simba and his voice (pedoalert) XD
I also love Hakun Matata~ 
He's drawn so cutely in human form here
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RainbowHeartPony|Hobbyist General Artist
I love how Simba still has a lion tail :3
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Inspector-Spinda|Hobbyist Digital Artist
tamon (how u spell?) isn't quite there for me, but simba and pumba are perfect
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SpellboundFox|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is beautiful.
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Oh my.. this is beautyful. That human Simba is such a lil cutie :heart:. I can easily recognise Timon and Pumbaa, too. So it is an awesome work.
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I have to agree 1000% here ! That looks beautiful and Perfect !
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xandraclay|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You capture the characters so well in human form! Would love to see a remake with your characters in it!
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I don't understand why they aren't African people.
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Lokrume|Hobbyist Writer
I know this is an old comment, but since it's still on the first page and very visible to anyone who'd happen to stumble across this artwork, I just want to add some insight to avert some unnecessary hostility in the comment section. :aww:

This is NOT whitewashing. Whitewashing means that you take a character that is originally non-white and make them white for your adaption. This cannot be applied on The Lion King since you're not really turning non-white into white. You're just turning animals into humans. The skin color doesn't matter because animals don't belong to a particular race of humans. You can make them Asian, Irish, Latina, and no one can say that it's wrong. You can argue that since the animals are located in Africa, the logical approach would be to make them black, and I'm inclined to agree there. But the voice actors of these three characters are white, so there really isn't a right or wrong approach here. It would come down to a matter of opinion, and you can never bash someone for having a different opinion than you.

Also, saying that African animals always should be depicted as black people is like saying that British animals should always be white people. That seems like an unnecessary limitation to me, especially since all people who live in Africa today are not black, and all British people today are not white. Or else, Bigwig in the upcoming adaption of Watership Down wouldn't be played by John Boyega from Star Wars.

Whitewashing IS a big problem. I still remember how enraged I was when there were rumors that Disney would cast Scarlett Johansson as Mulan... But please try to refrain from calling people out for racism or whitewashing too lightly. It's a serious thing to accuse anyone of, and I wouldn't want to make someone feel bad for something like that unless it's an extremely valid accusation.

What I'm trying to say is that whitewashing can't be applied to animals, since there (usually) are no hard facts to what ethnicity or skin color an animal would belong to in the first place. In the end, it all comes down to opinions. Which leaves any humanization of any animal up to each person to decide for themselves. You can base it on the country they're in. You can base it on the voice actor. You can base it on the color of their fur (like Timon's red hair and light coat). None of these are wrong or racist.

Okay, I'm done taking up all the space. ^^; I just wanted to clarify few things to avoid people from attacking the artist, since they're really not at fault here. It's GOOD that people are looking out for each other and demand representation for minorities. Just be careful so you don't hurt people who has done nothing wrong. I'm sorry that Creative-Chai had to take such heat for defending the artist. This whole thing seems to me like an incredibly unfortunate misunderstanding, and I hope everyone involved can just agree that this is a pretty darn cool drawing by an amazingly talented artist. :nod: Now, let's all get a long and make the world a better place. :heart:
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Bulbaderp|Student Digital Artist
yeah, that's called whitewashing and it's Racist
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Creative-Chai|Student Digital Artist
The artist actually went for the color pallet of the characters in the movie.
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Dhuit|Student Digital Artist
if thats the case then simba should be yellow and pumba should be red.
its white washing.
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Creative-Chai|Student Digital Artist
Well, I don't think the artist is being racist or anything, 
but really don't take this so seriously, its just a drawing, its not hurting anyone. 
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Pumba looks so Perfect! :omfg:
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Hello there! ^^
First of all I really like all of your human versions of Disney characters. ;w;
But sadly I wanted to warn you about a thief stealing your art. <:c => Blm6bg81ecj5gbseaxvb by marsy1999
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D3adlyOne|Student General Artist
That's awesome!
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I would love to watch a re-make of Lion King with human characters in this style! I absolutely adore how you drew these three.
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timon is accurate, cry
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this is so cute 
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