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Tsuru-zaiku (vine crafting)



The size of Tadami-machi (town) is 747.53 km² ※ and consists of 90% mountain forest.
Tadami-machi is divided into three regions, called Tadami, Asahi and Meiwa and each has their own distinctive community style and culture.

I visited the Tsuru-zaiku (vine crafting) class in the Asahi community center. The group gets together and makes their own favourite crafts during the scheduled time & day with the veterans passing their technique onto others, rather than just one instructor teaching a class. 

Tsuru-zaiku has been done in other areas in Tadami-machi as well and is a winter job (traditional craft products) where people can’t go out for work because of the snow. 
On the same day, there is another class, making hand made brooms. This would be my next illustration topic.

※as much as 1.2 times of tokyo’s 23 wards.

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