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Hello everyone, hope this end of the week is good for you !

I'm really sad and I'm here to clarify something because I'm feel guilty with the disappearance of all stocks from @Jean52

He has deactivated his account in a first time, to place all stocks deviations in storage after the reactivation of his account.

I sent him a note because I know he takes time to search and provide stock for us. This note was just to explain it will be necessary to be careful with images from Pixabay, Unsplash, etc. His stocks was amazing and very helpful (i'm among people who have used his stocks) but it's forbidden to use or share images from these websites without a minimum to rework on them. Some artists from DA have had some problems regarding the use of Pixabay images etc (and not from jean52 directly, I precise ^^)

Remove background is not consider like a big changes inside the terms and conditions of use. Personally, I sent an email to Unsplash because I was really interested to provide stock to Deviantart users.

This is the mail I sent to Unsplash support, because I prefer this website than Pixabay :

mer. 16 déc. 2020 16:23

À support


I have some doubts about the use of images and really expect an answer :)

It mentions all images are free to use for commercial and personal issues, but I have a question about a specific use with them.

Can we use images and create stock for a creative purpose (digital compositing, reference for digital painting) and propose them for download on a site such as for free.

Of course, all information about the photographer of the original photo and the source of the image will be mentioned.

Thanks in advance for your time

Christel Michiels

And their reply:

16 déc. 2020 20:09

Hello there,

Thanks ever so much for getting in touch to double check this, it's much appreciated.

As of March 18th, 2019, our Terms of Service restrict the sale of all Unsplash photos. This includes selling as prints or printed on products. It also prevents the redistribution of the images.

Under section 8G, Prohibited Conduct, by using the service you agree not to:

Sell copies of Photos without first significantly or meaningfully updating, modifying, or otherwise incorporating new creative elements into the Photos beyond simple retouches, resizing, or other minimal changes so long as they are not done by automated means (i.e., selling unaltered, slightly altered, or altered by automatic script copies of the Photos), including selling them as prints or printed on physical goods.

Same goes for offering them for free.

If you are going to sell a photo from Unsplash, you need to first meaningfully update, modify, or otherwise incorporate new creative elements into the Photo. Simple retouches, resizing, or other minimal changes won’t cut it.

Ask yourself whether the photographer of the original photo would easily identify their work in your image.

Have you transformed it enough to “make it your own” creative work, albeit being built on an Unsplash photo?

Like any good creative work, these updates and modifications can’t have been done by automated means. This has to reflect your creative process, not a script that applies an automated treatment to the Photo.

You can view examples of images that have been significantly modified here:

Best wishes,

Community -- Find answers quickly in our Help Center Chat with the Unsplash community at

I know if very difficult for everybody to pay a subscription. It is easier to acquire free stocks, but before to use images from free stock website, please read carefully the rules.If you have some doubts, send an email to the support team, they are there to help you.

Is not an obligation to pay a subscription to acquire stocks images, these website have a free section. The only thing to do is to create a free "client" profile.

Depositphotos :

Dreamstine :

Adobe Stock :

And don't have a blind trust with DA stockers !

Also don't forget, free stock means same stock on all free platform with different paternities.

You will have thus understood it, you can use the free stocks coming from sites like Pixabay, Unsplash,... for personal and/or commercial purposes as soon as these last ones are modified so as not to differentiate any more the original.

For example, if you want to create a custom background and make it available to DA, you must mix the images in order to make something unique. In any case, specify in the information your precise sources and not just the name of the site.

PS: it is not adviced to use Pixabay images, they not respect their-self the rules of copyright and use images from Google and others sources without authorization.

If you want to use stocks from DA users or free stocks site, read the post here and others posts inside :

© 2021 Ch-Michiels
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Is this guy going to return? I just noticed, after months of not using his stocks (I used them a lot though) that he deactivated his account. That so surprising and sad as he had hundreds of quality stocks. Anyone knows anything about this matter? Is it just a temporary deactivation?

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I noticed he has deactivated his account one time again. I used also some stocks in the past but due to problems with Pixabay and their lack of professionalism about stock photos, I decided to write this post. I adviced him to pay attention when he uses their stock because it's forbidden to propose them with small edit such as the background remove. If you really want to use "his" stocks, you can follow him on Pixabay where he has posted all of his resources.

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Thanks for the advice. But do you know his name on Pixabay? I tried his Deviantart name but nothing shows up.

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I don't remember his name on Pixabay, but after a research I found this by using specific keywords : (it's a inactive account),hope it will help you.

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That's great. But you're 100% sure it's him who posted these? I don't want to be involved in a theft and sometimes these png websites are fishy so I need to be sure.

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To be sure don't use image from Pixabay because during the research I found complete image on one account and the same with the background removed on an other. Seriously, use Unsplash, it is 10000% better than other and also very serious. You can instead use Free section on paid stock websites, the only thing to do is to create an account.

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And be sure to read the "Terms and Conditions" of any free stock site carefully. It will be unfortunate to remove your creations from all creative sites if there is copyright infringement.

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Bonjour Christel,

Ne te sens pas coupable de mon départ, ce que je ne t'ai pas dis, c'est que en à peu-près 1 mois j'ai reçu 4 messages allant dans ce sens, dont 2 très agressifs et 1 grossier.

Ton message, il est vrai, a été la goutte qui a fait déborder le vase, mais je ne t'en veux pas ;)

Celui avec des propos grossiers émanait (je suppose) d'un membre important de DA puisqu’il a participé à la création de cette cochonnerie d'éclipse !!! C'est le seul auquel je n'ai pas répondu, je ne rabaisse pas à correspondre avec des gens éduqués dans les égouts!!

En ce qui concerne Deviantart, Ils ont tout fait pour ignorer les fournisseurs de stock et spécialement les PNG.

Sauf pour ceux qui font des PNG de jeunes asiatiques maquillés comme des voitures et qui finissent par ressembler à des enfants de 12 ans :D

De plus tellement de membres sont partis!! les groupes sont presque tous quasiment abandonnés même si il restent ouverts.

Quant à Pixabay et sa prétendue malhonnêteté , je peux t'assurer que Deviantart devrait se taire, j'ai déjà vu des manipulations faites avec des photos prises sur Hébus (dont je suis membre aussi, mais uniquement pour des photos de voyage)

Comme quoi il faut balayer devant sa porte avant de critiquer les autres :D

Je vais m'arrêter là car il y aurait beaucoup à dire sur DA.

Bon vent à toi :hug:

(Si tu veux que mes watchers voient ton message, tu devrais le poster sur ma deviantion: good bye)

Ch-Michiels's avatar

Oh tu me rassures énormément car comme mentionné dans ma dernière note, je ne voulais pas te froisser. Pour le reste, je suis du même avis que toi concernant les contenus et les sois disant approbations provenant du staff de DA. C'est vrai que nous sommes plusieurs, dont toi, à avoir remarquer le nombre croissant d'artistes qui ont quittés cette plateforme et le nombre de groupes qui ne vivent plus. Je suis très choquée de voir le nombre croissant de visuels à caractères pornographiques et que malgré les messages envoyés aucune sanction n'est prise vis-à-vis des profils. Maintenant, l'utilisation des images de Pixabay a été relevée plusieurs fois via d'autres sites, c'est d'ailleurs cela qui a fait que je n'ai plus du tout utiliser ce site pour acquérir des photos gratuites (même si mon profil est toujours présent avec quelques photos). Je trouve les sites Unsplash et Pexels beaucoup mieux :) cela reste bien entendu mon avis personnel. Pour revenir au contenu du billet et de ta réponse, je suis contente que tu m'a répondu :) et je comprends mieux aussi la situation. J'aurais fais pareil au vue du nombre de messages que tu as recu. Le plus triste dans l'histoire est que cette communauté DA devient de plus en plus remplie de personnes sans scrupules au détriment de personnes qui aiment l'art comme il se doit et qui veulent offrir leur contribution à cette évolution créative.

PS: quand on y réfléchit et même si je comprends ta décision, le fait de supprimer ton stock montre combien ils ont raison. Tu ne devrais pas te rabaisser à cela, car tu vaux mieux qu'eux.

En tout cas, je sais où tu te trouves maintenant (si tu pouvais aller sur Unsplash ou Pexels pour mettre ton stock, je serais encore plus ravie et tu aurais aussi encore plus de popularité)

Allez une grosse accolade et encore merci pour tout Jean

Bien à toi l'ami :huggle:

Jean52's avatar

"PS: quand on y réfléchit et même si je comprends ta décision, le fait de supprimer ton stock montre combien ils ont raison. Tu ne devrais pas te rabaisser à cela, car tu vaux mieux qu'eux."

Je ne me rabaisse pas, au contraire, si quelqu'un se roule dans le purin, je pars avant qu'il ne m'éclabousse ;)

Je n'ai qu'un conseil à leur donner; si un jour ils veulent se suicider sans se rater, ils n'ont qu'à sauter du haut de leur égo. pour atterrir au niveau de leur talent :happybounce:


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