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MDG Culverin ver1

By CGVickers
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Well, I decided to colour both versions after all. It's not something I'll be doing again any time soon. This is the MDG Culverin with weapons deployed. The weapons stored version can be found here - [link]

I hope to start working on the wallpaper soon so as to keep with the rest of the MDG series. The WIP name/class of the Culverin is a Multi-Limb Battleship. Similar to a Mobile Armour from Gundam, the Culverin is much larger in size to other mecha like the Phantom [link] or Archer [link] & would sport a name similar to a ship. While more than a match for any mech already in survice, the primary role of this particular design is to hide amongst asteroid or debris fields and attack shipping lines, base ships & other larger support craft, similar to a WWII submarine. Most space bound mecha launch from and require base ships where as the Culverin is a ship onto itself despite it's appearances.
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That is one nice looking badboy, right there! I wish i could pilot it! *sigh*Love 
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I love the cross between flexibility and strength in the look to the mech. Most mech artists really like to make their pieces look too ridiculously thick.
This, however, really looks like a legitimate weapons platform. I love it.
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Excellent balance on this piece.  Unlike some Gundam and/or Macross machine designs, this mecha of yours looks powerful, and heavily armed, without looking like it is encumbered and burdened with an excessive amount of weaponry.  Very nice, job.

Kudos. :)
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when i look at this, i can't help but think "plasma laser"!
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LeopoldGarrityHobbyist General Artist
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Guncyder00Hobbyist General Artist
whoa it's's dark like my mecha
anyway it's COOL
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wow this is really awesome good work here :)
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Good lord that thing would OWN.
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Panda-SnackHobbyist General Artist
This makes me want to draw another mech. Haven't done that in a while. Awesome pic.
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WAA! this is so cool!
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Could I possibly by any chance use this artwork for a roleplay?
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P-HProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome mecha design!!
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shtlProfessional Digital Artist
This one too is very very nice designed and very well... colored/painted ;)

Keep up :)
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well actually, it's not render... oh right, you didn't say that ; ) Thanks again : )
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WoW love mechas....
i have my own...haven` up load yet...need to fixed more stuff....

LOVE all your works...inspirate me much
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My pleasure, glad you like them : )
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this is amazing
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Thank you very much : )
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HOLY SHIT, THAT IS TIGHT! That is something i would love to pilot, but would hate to oppose in combat. its so real, it's crazy, good job man...DAMN!
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nice mech, even if thats the color

you can do more colors and textures maybe red with hard textrure will look good
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NidaramProfessional Digital Artist
this is badass
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Thank you
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