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MDG Archer

By CGVickers
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Well I wanted to create a unit logo for the shoulder or chest but I think I need a little more time for that. Other than a unit logo, the design is pretty much done. I now hope to make a wallpaper out of this design similar to my featured deviation [link] , I'll be posting a new version of that as well (one with a decal where one was missing and the sensor eyes glowing)
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Beautiful mecha design, I like it. :w00t!:
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El-BroncoHobbyist Digital Artist
The coloring is so smooth.
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Sweet mecha goodness! :D The overall form is exceedingly cool, as well as all the little textures and details... nice job! I look forward to the wallpaper! :)
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I love your mecha work. <3
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Thank you very much : ) I have a small backlog to work on so hopefully there's a few more you can enjoy : )
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Very, very nice, I rather like the colors you chose for it and the inclusion of the number details. :p
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Thank you : ) I always hate adding them because I feel like I'm cluttering the pic but I guess it worked out
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You're welcome ^.^ Doesn't look cluttered to me, frankly, the numbers make it look more realistic.
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GrantPAdamsHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. The detail put into every single part of this picture is amazing. It would be awsome to see it in some different colored camos.
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True but I'm not sure I have the time or stamina to play with to many camo schemes considering the size of the pic
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MeganeRidProfessional Digital Artist
very nice :D great job on the color D:
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Perfectly rendered. I love the how the colors are mixed smoothly.
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Well thank you very much but it's not rendered. Just many layers in Photoshop : )
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For sure. I thought the word "render" can also be applied when talking about pencil renderings etc.
Btw, looking at your pic for another time thought that some additional textures can improve the volume feel. Not that it's much needed on the other hand, the picture is perfect as it is.

Keep up the good work mate!
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ooo, very nicely done, what are those on the back?
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They're a type of decoy system. Te idea being that a perfect cloak wasn't possible and hologram emmiters were never completely convincing so for defence against air strikes and the like, the Archer would mimic itself several times and partially cloak itself so that enemy units would see multiple targets and not be able to determine which was the legitimate attacker. Hope that helps answer your question : )
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nice work guy!!!

all datails in this robo, ein!

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Thank you : )
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Awesome Mecha :clap:

Great job:+fav:
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Maverik-SoldierHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Finally I've seen Archer colored!
Wery cool, looks like a 3D image.
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Thank you : ) The next stage is to turn it into a wallpaper which should help because it's soo dark and I can lose the crappy BG I have in it now
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VulneProProfessional Filmographer
A thing of beauty man and damn slick indeed :) Me likes. Kinda kick ass Labor vibe with your own thing going on ;) I finally got some new mecha stuff posted as well, been tied up with a lot of other work but some new stuff did go up.
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Well thank you very much : ) I have a small backlog of new designs I want to complete myself so I know what you mean about finally getting some new mech stuff posted. It's difficult with work and other projects as well though isn't it? I took a bit of your advice in adding some decals and a small amount of weathering though I think it'll take a few more designs before I go all out : )
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VulneProProfessional Filmographer
You're quite welcome man :) I hear you it can be difficult to juggle work but I find I can do so when I really put the fire under me. I have a LOT of work planned and now that I have my monitor replaced and calibrated I'm ready to get busting again.

On the color work you did, damn fab job my so far as I see :) Sure it'll take some experimenting before you get a groove that's, all your own with certain techniques, such as the weathering, but I have zero doubts you'll arrive there (I find that looking at as much real world reference and the high end modelers work really helps). The work you do is bloody fantastic as it stands and you’ll just keep getting better. The real pleasure of being an artist is the discovery process we undergo when we’re determined to explore the possibilities. I know I can’t see doing anything else ;)
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