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Chibi Car - Sketch Tutorial

Well here it is finally. It’ll probably have too much info for some and not enough for others but I hope that something can be learned from these as I’ve spent countless hours writing, drawing & editing them.

Here are the Chibi Car Tutorials so far:

- Sketch Tutorial: Displayed

- Line Art Tutorial: [link]

- Colouring Tutorial: [link]

- Wheel Tutorial: [link]
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Rache1911's avatar
Thanks for the upload of this, I will try it myself when I have the time.
C4Fuu's avatar
thx for tutorial,it's nice one's you draw it
xHaimarux's avatar
Thank you for this very detailed, and cute tutorial!
I haven't drawn many cars before, so it really helped!
fashion-gaga's avatar
hey :)
i like this
i see you have a colouring tutorial
well could you posbily maybe do like a normal colouring
tutorial with coloured pencils and a chibi person?
cant find one anywhere :(
Do you think you could do one of a saleen s7 for me ;)?
CGVickers's avatar
Actually, I already did a Saleen S7 in my gallery :)
Oh ok sorry i mustve missed it.
i went and looked at it and may i say its awesome :P One car i think you shuld try doin that i didnt c in ur gallery (and this time i looked extra hard ;) ) is a SSC Ultimate Aero
roobeh's avatar
hi, thanks for a great tutorial. i've only drawn this [link] but i will photoshop it soon.

i know it doesn't go with the tutorial exactly but i thought i'd go my own way a little.
BatmanWithBunnyEars's avatar
Cool! This reminds me of the cars in the ChoroQ game series. I draw things with more realistic perspective, but this is neat, too. Interesting work!
kollyo's avatar
thanks for the great tutorials! ...and since i didnt see my car among your gallery...i decided to make it my self, I hope I got it right...your comments...[link] thanks again!
D-Rab's avatar
Very cool, love the style
DoriftoSard's avatar
=D This has helped me a bunch, thank u! Your work is awesome!!
gabrielvtuner's avatar
great man, good job :D

CGVickers's avatar
Glad you liked it : ) Let me know if it helped you with anything
gabrielvtuner's avatar
created a sketch only once, was inspired, but did not know this tutorial yet, but after you discover it, I have not had time to test it, but will help the prospects of the car, thanks
sorry my bad bad english =/
Tyranoo's avatar
Good tutorial! ;D
CGVickers's avatar
Thank you : ) Let me know if it helped with anything
Marcelyou's avatar
awesome you are a good teacher :D
CGVickers's avatar
Well thank you very much, I'm glad to hear that : )
mangamage's avatar
THANK YOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
CGVickers's avatar
My pleasure : ) I'm glad I can help
Speedy-08's avatar
yess, just wat i want
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