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Pizza Party

By cgratzlaff
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I drew this for the season two wrap party at my studio!  On to season threeeee, I love working on this shoooowwww
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i'm glad that they aren't playing mario kart with the blue shell or mario party with the chance time XD
okay bad joke lol :P
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Nothing like having out, and eating some Pizza. Am I right?
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PyrotheFlamyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the style of this new show!
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Awesome group shot!
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CaseyDeckerHobbyist Artist
This group picture you've done of the TMNT characters looks really nice and awesome for sure, and you just gotta love how Mikey is seen playing with his food as well! :D
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Cool~ :3 I love how they look~ XD Idk why but Splinter has a look that he is Deep in thought~ XD  Question which Turtle is your favorite? owo~?
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cgratzlaffProfessional Filmographer
Definitely Donnie c:
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Nice~ X3 *high fives* Big Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4] 
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The-French-BelphegorHobbyist General Artist
This is going straight into my favourites. It's just perfect - there's everything that makes me love the 2012 show :) The artwork is fantastic, obviously (and I by that  mean WOW), but what makes this picture really awesome is the amount of heart and character. In a nutshell, I'm loving to to absolute pieces :D
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cgratzlaffProfessional Filmographer
Aw gosh, thank you so much!! c:
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The-French-BelphegorHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :)
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This atwork should be used for a DVD menu! It just fits perfectly!
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RainfullStudent Traditional Artist
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW KITTY I NEVER SEEN THAT CAT IN THE SHOW CAN YOU TELL ME HIS OR HER NAME AND ITS GINGER IF ITS A BOY OR GIRL and i cant rember that other guys name not the sensai but that guy in the hoodie but i know the others name wait and the sansai but the resty names are april,leo,ralph,mckey,donnie and what game are they playing
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cgratzlaffProfessional Filmographer
Her name is Ice Cream Kitty and she was a ginger cat before she was mutated!  Her first appearance is in the episode "Of Rats and Men" (one that I worked on!)
From left to right their names are Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Donnie, Leo, Raph, Splinter, Mikey and ICK :D
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KittyArtFanHobbyist Photographer
If Raph looked to the front, Don's butt would be in his
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lilliannakStudent Traditional Artist
haha so true
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KittyArtFanHobbyist Photographer
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iumazarkProfessional Digital Artist
great piece!
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We love that you work on this show.  Seriously the only Nick show I am like, 1,000% invested in.  My 5 year old nephew wonders why the hell I am an adult watching Nick but lol, when I tell him it's Turtles he's right in my lap watching along lol.  Nice to be able to pass Turtles down to our future generations now.  Great job on the show, to you and everyone else involved.
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cgratzlaffProfessional Filmographer
Aw gosh that's awesome!!  Thank you so much <3
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randompasserbyerStudent Traditional Artist
Makes you wonder what they're playing. XD Donny looks like his pizza's gonna fall out of his mouth! XD
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AruwulfStudent Digital Artist
Their hands are pretty cool. Love the lighting :)
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