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It's So Beauteefuullll

By cgratzlaff
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Shady loves hangin out in the time space continuum
The only thing I ever draw them doing anymore hahaha
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gwencarsonHobbyist Traditional Artist
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angry-green-toastProfessional Filmographer
Someday you will make this into an actual awesome cartoon show. And it will be wildly popular, and you'll build a studio, and you'll need animators, and you will hire me, and I will get to work on your awesome show with your awesome characters. That's what's going to happen.
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Pinkster7Hobbyist General Artist
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MinaWolf10Hobbyist General Artist
I love your art so much! The stuff you draw is my eye candy!! (Also I am becoming a "Whovian" thanks to you. :))
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MinaWolf10Hobbyist General Artist
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StevenRoy General Artist
That bot be trippin', yo!

"Space! I'm in space!"
    "Yeah, Shady, I know."
"Space! Space! Look at all this space!"
    "Yes, Shady! Get over it!"
    "Would you stop that? It was cute the first 10 times but now you're just being annoying!"
"Sorry! ... Space."
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iSpazzyKittyHobbyist General Artist
Ooh, fantastic! I love this! :D
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yay!!!!!!!!! i love these guys so much :')
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CubanCracker62Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Invader-ClikHobbyist General Artist
~floaty~floaty~floooooaaaaty spacey tiiiimeee~
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secoh2000Professional Digital Artist
I love the floaty atmosphere of this! :D AND THOSE EYES! XD
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BlairaptorStudent Digital Artist
Ha, I love the way you drew the wrinkles in Finch's clothes. You're so good at that; it looks perfect.
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Omnifighter1Hobbyist General Artist
That is one mesmerized robot!
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bonefishHobbyist General Artist

I like how you've refined their designs over time. Looking good!
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this kind of reminds me of the trailor for DW. where The Doc and amy are on the grass and then suddenly the ground "colapses" and they are then in the time vortex?
yeah. hehe.
but you are right, i think these two need a GRAND adventure.. perhaps renesance italy? hobnob with the medici family.
or perhaps World War 2? teaching churchill how to dance.
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TybbiProfessional Digital Artist
oh, youve come so far and improved so much, love. i aspire to do anything relatively as great as you have
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RaiynbeauHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh! You have a DA account! I thought I recognized these two :D I used to be a fan of yours on the lion king fan art website.
jamesgunner123's avatar that spacy expression....X3
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Travis-AndersonStudent Digital Artist
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time space continuum must feel treeeeeepeeee XD Lovin' this whole thing! awesome lines and colors, as usual =3
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hackney5Student General Artist
Ooh, I love these two! Shady's so cute there, haha
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MadamMayh3mHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, Shady, you're great XD
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She looks so flippin' happy XD
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fluorophyteHobbyist Digital Artist
aaaaaaaaaAAAAA I seriously love these two so much!! I hope to see more of them in the future! - not that all them turtles on your Tumblr aren't awesome enough uvu
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