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This is Chronophontes (Thomas Ahlswede), the new Founder.  The great nucks has left as Founder, and asked me to take over.  I'll take this opportunity to thank him for doing an awesome job running the group.

I don't anticipate making any changes, certainly not any major ones.  I've reposted the group rules, with a few clarifications but no changes.

A slight caution:  I'm lazy.  I'm also the Founder of two very small groups, which I have not tried to expand because it would be more work!  So I'll be delegating some of my responsibilities, particularly recruiting members, and thinking up and running contests or special projects.  Invitations to membership, and suggestions for contests or projects, are highly welcome! - certainly if you are willing to run it yourself.

So, have fun!
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Mature Content

The Girl With The Golden Gun by mikemusike
Knock knock car by R-Sva
Daria by R-Sva
Sailor Rose Heart Bikini by Chronophontes
Modern Glamour
Mira by Gwasanee
Cindy by Gwasanee
Midweek Quickie: Poolside by roguekoii

Mature Content

Pia H. - Pretty Surfer_02 by chanur56
Fetish and Gothic

Mature Content

LatexCage by wuckylady

Mature Content

Heather - Passion in Pink by 007Fanatic
Medalitation by diNorian
Smile now cry later by 3Dfantasyworld
Studio Pinups
Lucyana by Gwasanee

Mature Content

Selfies in the Studio by TestRender

Mature Content

AU Me by battlewhore

Mature Content

Nomi by Nsamatix
Close Ups and Portraits

Mature Content

Human Milk by NovaCG
Lady Katherine by TheOtherThoreandan
Frosty Breath by boggo2300
Quix - Monochrome 002 by phantomfharlockii
Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Mature Content

Chibi Babby reminisces by Chronophontes

Mature Content

The new Ember by Chronophontes
Space Odyssey : Alais on Tria A0 by Vizzee
Trixie Lulamoon: Equestrian and Pony by Axel-Doi

Mature Content

Guide to Wonders by Vagrant3D
You Talkin' To Me Stranger? by Roy3D
Hateful Dead - Benecio Zanetti by boggo2300

Mature Content

What You See Is Me by LukaSkullard

Mature Content

Heels by Sun2X

Mature Content

water beauty by xGrabx

Mature Content

Laying By The Fire by Crucho

Mature Content

A round Pandora by Chronophontes
Comicbook-Videogame SuperHeroes 'n Villains

Mature Content

Gamora and the acid attack by adventuresinenf
Orchid - Variant 02 by ExGemini
Ww3 Final by Robobeer

Mature Content

Wonder Woman Training For Her Action Scene by GOLDENHORUS
Miscellaneous Pin ups
RedAnt G3F Astrid P8 Dark by REDANTArts

Mature Content

In The Cage 002 by antropox

Mature Content

Gymnastics by elbafo

Mature Content

In The Cage 003 by antropox
Women of the World
Rosa by Cymorill35

Mature Content

Volumetric Spotlight Tutorial for DAZ Studio Iray  by PsychoNauty
Archives by nucks
Modern Glamour IV
Fairy Godmother by kelkor
A Grand Challenge
Contest WINNERs
Poison Ivy by Agr1on

Gallery Definitions

We have specific galleries for different pin up images - please familiarize yourself with our gallery requirements. Images posted to incorrect galleries may be declined.
Gallery Definition For:

Modern Glamor…

Fetish & Gothic…

Fantasy & Sci-Fi…

Close Ups & Portraitures…


Studio Pin Ups…

Comicbook-Videogame SuperHeroes 'n Villains…

For a more general description of our Galleries please visit this…




OUR RULES - Please read!

The following is the original rule journal by nucks; nothing has been removed, but I've added a few items and clarifications:

CG PINUPS is dedicated to CG (computer generated) 3D PINUPS.

If you already use:

DazStudio, Poser, 3DS Max, Maya, C4D, ZBrush, Blender or other 3d programs you are welcome to join us and post your best pin up work. We accept only 3D rendered character works with 3D programs. Please avoid posting "works in progress" images as they may be declined - instead we would like to see your best finished artwork.

What we're looking for in a pin up
All models should have a focused or suggestive allure or appeal to the viewer. Though eye contact is not mandatory, a coy turn of the head or sultry look will add to the appeal. Generally speaking and specific to this group, fight scenes, distraught or despairing expressions or looks of great hostility and violence are typically not alluring and will detract from an image being added to this group.

Clothing is fine - nudity is not necessary. (The classic pinups of the 40s usually wore swimsuits.)


• Gigantic Muscle female (as in ridiculous proportions) and toned or athletic, with some muscle definition, is fine
......."musclebound" is not OK.
• Gigantic Body Parts (as in ridiculous proportions)
.......those naturally well-endowed or busty are fine; big-but-realistic booties are OK, just not absurdly big.
......."Gigantic" breasts means visibly larger than the owner's head. When in doubt, make sure that big breasts sag more or less realistically. "Helium implants" are not a good idea.
.......A merely "big" penis is OK. "Gigantic" means unrealistically big - more than about 6 or 7 inches (15-18 cm) soft. (Soft, of course - see the rule about "porn" below.)
• Porn (see or violence. "Girls with guns" (or swords, etc.) don't count as violence, but do be careful.
• Racialist/racist works
• Humiliation
• Models that are or appear to be under-age (i.e. under 18).
.......even a borderline model may be declined, best to stay clear of this line.
Keep in mind that pinups are supposed to be sexy - thus underage models will be declined even when fully dressed.
• We generally decline futanari submissions, on the grounds that these are a specialized preference rather like ultra-busty or ultra-muscular women. There are groups that specialize in these.
• Explicit self-censorship: smileys, mosaics, Patreon logos, etc. Cropping is OK, especially if done well so that it's not obvious. And, of course, clothes are fine too.

We do accept male pinups. These are subject to approximately the same criteria as females; we accept more muscle on males but it should not be ridiculously exaggerated. All submissions of males, regardless of category, should be to the "Male" folder.

We also accept animations, as long as they are consistently of a pinup nature (see above). Animations should be submitted to the appropriate folder for a corresponding still image.


• All Contributors must have 3D pin up works in their gallery.
Otherwise their Contributor request will be declined.

• If you submit an image, you cannot vote for it yourself.

• If you don't have any or very few 3D works, you're welcome to still join us as a member.

Being a Contributor at CG Pinups is more than just submitting your work to our galleries, the hope is that you will also vote on others' works, leave helpful comments to help artists improve - be involved in promoting the group on the site, finding artwork on deviantArt that fits the profile of the quality we're trying achieve. Otherwise, if you're only looking to submit artwork, we would suggest "member" status would be more appropriate.


• CGPINUPS is not a stock group. Please do not use our members' works in your works without permission.

• If you need help, feel free to write our admins.

• We are a community that is based on respect for each other as artists. *Always* maintain kindness and respect in what and how we communicate with each other.

• Please submit to the correct category. This can be tricky, since some categories are hard to define for an exclusively 3D group. We may decline and ask you to resubmit to another category.

Some folders override all others. "Male" is for all male pinups, regardless of genre. "Close Ups and Portraits" is for all female closeups, from the navel up with face showing, also regardless of genre - if the hips show, it's not a closeup. "Bodyscapes" is for all female figures without the head showing.

Inappropriate images may be removed at the Founder's discretion.

Happy rendering!



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Hello to everyone
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Hi to All, thanks for accepting my request.
Sun2X Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2018   Digital Artist
Hi to All, thanks for accepting my request.
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Cheers for the approval! Looking forward to sneaking some of my renders in here to share with everyone! ^^
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Sorry for asking; I couldn't see there is a rule about submitting gifanims on rules.
Is that ok if i submit? What I Say ? by Zincau If it's ok, which folder should i upload?

thank you.
Chronophontes Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's no restriction that I've ever heard of or created. I would submit it to whatever folder you would submit a corresponding still image to. (I've added a rule that permits animations.)
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Thanks, good to be here!
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