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By scarypet
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Yep, you got that right! This time around we'll celebrate the characters that made the lives of our childhood fantasies (most of us I hope) more colorful!

PAINT a PORTRAIT of any Villain from Walt Disney animated movies!
(Disney / Pixar productions are ok).
You may portray the character in your own way.
Make your own depiction, re-image it, but of course,
it should still be recognizable as that character!!


Please follow the required size!
Remember, portrait is head/face. May include the upper shoulder area too.

Try to follow the correct deviantart category:
Fan Art > Digital Art > Painting & Airbrushing > Movies & TV

Submit as many as you can, but please always try
to make your best effort with each one!
Art Jams are for us to exercise our skills together in the community!

Give us a shout-out when you wanna submit your entry!


Here is a link to a resource where you can find a
complete list of Disney Villains to choose from!


Here are our submissions so far!

SCAR-drogo? by scarypet Syndrome by The-Hand URSULA_for_cgpintor by totmoartsstudio2:thumb256443787: Shere Khan by scarypet Portrait of Hades by allengeneta Maleficent by Geofffffff:thumb256655320: HADES_for_cgpintor by totmoartsstudio2 Shan Yu- Fire and Ice by nathan18 Captain Hook by martinezdezign Portrait of a De Vil by The-Hand Helga Sinclair by scarypet:thumb256802349: Shan Yu by elartwyne Maleficent by soyfreak:thumb257039759: Wicked Witch by bonify:thumb257034960: Shan Yu by clashnorton The Ring Master by soyfreak Shego by JoelChua Randall Boggs by scarypet Femme Fatale by theeclecticmiss Darla by martinezdezign Huns Leader by MaHenBu:thumb257087027: CGpintor disney villain by sibuloy Cruella de Vil by JoelChua Hand_over_the_lamp by janemini Die by The-Hand:thumb257360316: Scar by wakoART:thumb257466207: Jafar by Trevone Maleficent by irving-zero Panic by dwine06 AUTO GO-4 by SteelJoe Jafar Jafar by osiris999 Butch the Bulldog by martinezdezign Claude Frollo by DeivCalviz 'I want my happily ever after' by tinkerblah Helga Sinclair by Sycil Clayton the hunter by JASONS21:thumb258799452: Cruella by reppepp The Squirrel Scout by debringles HADES by lijohn321 ANASTASIA_for_cgpintor by totmoartsstudio2 CGP Art Jam: Drizella by PJ731 EVIL DARK LORD by debringles HADES 4 cgpintor art jam by aerlixir Sabor by RAPHTOR:thumb259471375: CGP Art Jam: Sabor by stephfaith Madame Medusa by JASONS21 Captain Hook by GarroteFrancell Madam Mim by donpep Maleficent 4 CGPintor by aerlixir Scar by VoydKessler Shan-Yu by Wreckonning

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I would like to submit this [link] thank you!
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*sigh* closed na pala ang submission nito..sayang naman..
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I sharedd ~martinezdezign's Darla in tumblr and it has 510 likes/reblogs :rofl: It's awesome :D
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[link] I did this for your art jam! I hope making Scar a male was ok! It was fun to work on! Thanks for inspiring!
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i want to submit my entry here it is [link] thanks! ;D
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The submissions are all so gorgeous!

It always makes me happy to see the Disney villains shown some love. They were secretly my favorite characters growing up. :evillaugh:
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Hello^^ I am not in the group, but I found my way here by looking at a couple of the entries, and may I say all of them look amazing!! :love: Good luck to all who participate!
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thank you~ :D
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I'll join it too!!!,.. hehhe,.. hope its not too late though,.. huhuh...
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yeah! go make some! :D
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yah I'll submit one!! :D
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This is fun! I think I'm gonna make more villain portraits! XD
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is it too late?
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nope.. still open until we come up with a new theme!
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sasali ako dito:thumbsup:
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gusto ko po sanang sumali....... eto yung entry ko [link]

sana magustuhan nyo... lol
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I think I'll join :heart:
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love to join but not have enough time....
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guys! pano magsubmit? :)
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type SUBMIT and send to 2345 for golbe or 5432 smrat
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