*ART JAM!!* Dragonslayers!!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 10:02 AM

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

:giggle: Well Not really! Actually, Here's how it goes: :eyes:

A year ago we held our first activity, the DRAGON SUMMONER Art Jam. :thumbsup:

And that was pretty awesome. It was epic. :headbang:
Everyone really put in some effort and produced what we believe are artworks to be proud of.

Back then, we called forth dragons, summoning them from their slumber. They rose from the depths, descended from the heavens, and well,  they generally seemed to wreak havoc in our group. :fear:

What do you do when dragons kinda become a nuisance?
Well you can try to train your dragon (wink*wink), but the thing is, even though we summoned them,
they aren't really ours to control, and they're really pissed off! :evileyes:

:jedi:So we gotta slay them. Kill them all. Every last one.

The Dragon Slayer Art Jam!!
:dj-designs: Rules::dj-designs:
:bulletgreen: Create a Digital Painting depicting any Original character and a Dragon.:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: The character can either be Fighting the dragon, or:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: The character can be triumphant, having already slain the dragon.:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: The required size is 11"x17" landscape (horizontal format):bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: This is open to CGP members only!:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Drop us a message or note with your entries (link or thumb).:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Do your best, and have fun!:bulletgreen: :salute:

Here are some of our valiant Dragon Slayers!!!

Solstice by scarypet Dragon Slayer by Trevone And Her Lightning Strikes by theeclecticmiss Welcome to The Jungle by Geofffffff Dragon Slayer by irving-zero Dragon Days by Wasudo Rise of Chronus by RocketPancake:thumb210048689: DRAGON_SLAYER_for_CGPintor by totmoartsstudio2 METALWINGS by Julian-Grei Dragon Slaying... by pixelcharlie Experimental Slayer by scarypet Lost In Time by martinezdezign Sacred Stab by ArtofLariz
Dragon Slayer by sibuloy King Kill by osiris999 ANOTHER GENERIC DRAGON FALLS by einhajar Dragonslayer by FerdinandLadera Touch of Reez by pawsymphony

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