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iPhone Pack

iPhone icon pack

- Phone
- Text
- Chat
- iPod
- Notes
- System

(This pack is ONLY for iPhone, the icons have no resolution for other applications)

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شكرا شكرا

Good job, very nice
Good job, very nice
Yes! Please make more!!! They amazing!
yeah, it's so buautyful a stock iphone icon set
I would love to get a template for the base.
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please make some more
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ohh, that last one is just, yum =P
yeah, a stock iphone icon set (and dare i say template) would be basically the best thing ever.
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man i love it.
can you please do more ?
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Hi jakegarn thanks :) , well that's easy you have to download from the installer these two applications, ThemeBuilder (use it to make your own theme) and SummerBoard (for applying them).

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These are sweet! Dumb question time... can I install custom icons onto my non-hacked iphone?
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Yeah... please provide something for us non-iPhone nerds! ;)
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theyd be so cute - make them so they can be used as system or dock icons- i like them
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Yeah, that's right! Make system replacement icons for Mac OS X in such like this iPhone style in 512px! That's will be great! :)
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