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Google Chrome VS

By cgh30217
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Google Chrome VS

It's based on alduin by lassekongo83.

Maybe It's a first Chrome theme, isn't it?

I hope it will be modified more beautifully by pro.

latest version here --- [link]
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Thanks for this!
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lol i hate the skin of google chrome but this skin is very nice =)
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So, now it finally is ready. I made a new Google Chrome style for XP, and based it on this. Many things are updated, only buttons and some were left in holocaust.

Check it out from my gallery!

It's beta version, so report bugs and suggestions :)
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Good Job.

I will check it out some later.
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Nice VS , Refer to this [link] VS of Chrome :P)
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and if possible make a bigger taskbar with tab like taskbar buttons as the above link has , rest is awesome!
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Nice, good theme and congratulations to be the FIRST to post Chrome-based theme for XP!

I'd like to edit this, if someone knows a good and reliable Windows Visual Style editor.. Anyone?

I'd try to match it fully to Google's applications and services, overall.. Mainly to Chrome, but colors from Gmail, AdSense etc. would be nice to add within!

I'm new on DA and new on VS editing and new on PS and new on..kinda everything, but I still HAVE done a lot with photo editing etc.
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i recommand stylebuilder as editing tools.
i'm interested in your plans.
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Great work!!!

Some suggestion, add other colours or substyles for example "Mac Chrome"
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Hey I found some bugs

-Skin dont apears with my other Visual Styles U_U
-System Tray elements disapear
-Some program crashed when change to Google Chrome VS O_O

Byes & Suertes ñ_ñ
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I like the colors and feels. But I don't like google's logo everywhere...
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Nice Work!
I see you made this theme based on alduin by lassekongo83.
in the original alduin theme, text of inactive items(which are shown in grey) in menus and buttons cannot be rendered by Windows Cleartype, But in this new chrome theme, those text can! Please tell me how did you make it?
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hmm,, sorry i don't know...

i made this with MS paint. that's all...
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I think mspaint cannot be used to replace resources in .msstyles files?
Which soft did you use to make that theme?
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MS paint...

i can't handle photoshop.
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Oh,i cannot handle photoshop either
but i mean there should be a tool you used to make up a .msstyle file, not the image editing tools. And i am interested in that tool, and how did you use that tool to produce such wonderful Chrome theme..(Especially on Font settings,)
In fact I am now puzzled on the font rendering in Visual Style Themes.
See this post:
It's in Chinese though, you can try to use Google Translate if you can't read Chinese, And it will be better if you can read it.
Well, Don't mind the freetype-like font rendering engine(gdi++), just treat it as Windows Cleartype.
From the images in the post above you can see the problem, and this small problem exists in the Original Alduin theme, and it just disappeared after you modified it and made up the chrome theme.
I'll be glad if you can tell me how did you made those ugly bitmapped fonts disappear.

P.S. You can try to use GIMP(Originally developed on Linux), it has windows version. it is as powerful as Photoshop, and it's FREE.
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ok,, now i understood a little.
i made it with stylebuilder.
from original alduin, first i download google chrome.
and i made chrome screenshot.
and then i switched vs image with ms paint.
copy paste... repeat....^^:
(i am patient)
in fact my ability is very poor.

and i read your linked post,
but i can't read chinese
and google translate is not perfect.
font cleartype,,, hmm
i don't know what you want to know.
(sorry for my poor english.
i can't understand your writing perfectly)
I only changed fonts from original theme with stylebuilder.

you can control font cleartype setting to windows display settings.
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Cool, maybe i 'll create the next one
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i hope your theme.
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I've been looking for a Chrome theme for so long!

It does need a little bit of touching up, but it looks pretty good already.
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bug on systray, it don't show any icon in systray :(
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