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Speculative Last Jedi art: Throne Room battle

Having some fun with the rumblings leading up to the movie. 
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Luke: Supreme Leader Snoke... We meet at last...

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The positioning of the lightsabers would seem to suggest that here Luke is on Snoke's side AGAINST Rey and Kylo.

...or is it that Rey is now on the bad guy's side and Luke is completely alone?

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Well that is a hell of a lot better than what we got.

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This is so spot on to how this would have looked like. This would have pleased the fans.

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if only this happened on the movie
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LUKE: "No, sorry, still not a fair contest. You need at least twice as many elite mooks."
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Trash Dove Crying (not my art) 
All the wasted potential....bless you tho.
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What Should Had Happened
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I would have preffered Luke to have his green saber or hell use his fathers AND his own and... that's my only nitpick: THIS IS AWESOME!!!
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I loved the throne room battle in the actual film, but this is an awesome speculation, and a kickass piece of art. :D
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Took the words right out of my mouth 
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This would have been alot more interesting than what ended up happening, but I hope they can turn it around and do something good with what they've chosen. Good job! :)
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This is wonderful. I was hoping for something like this.
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Really Hope Luke Kicks Ass in The Last Jedi!
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i find it interesting with the lightsaber color. Luke made his own original lightsaber, the green bladed one so it makes me curious that there is a green blade held by someone else and he is holding what looks like is Anakin's lightsaber.
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They really really REALLY have to have a huge epic battle for Luke which makes him look super badass. We saw amateur lightsaber combat from Kylo, Ren and Finn. Now let us see the skills of a true master!
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