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Samurai Vader

My interpretation of Star Wars characters with a Samurai Motif.
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I actually tried to make a Samurai Vader in Soul Calibur IV and VI. It was nowhere near as good as this of course but I was proud of it. Had a nice deep voice and glowing red eyes.

I did do one goofball thing and give him a huge poofy red afro so that if his headgear ever broke in game, it'd show up. It was funny as hell whenever my friends and I played SC and they broke Samurai Vader's helmet and saw that afro. Usually gave me the opening while they were stunned from laughing to slay them. Exactly as I had foreseen. :)

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(I am your father)

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Impressive.... most impressive

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It is creative that combine the Dark Vader and the samurai together.
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Steampunk COOLNESS
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Impressive... Most impressive.
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weeb Vader is best vader 
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I Bow to Lord Samurai Vader *bows down*
First feudal Japan and then the world! Vader shall expand his empire
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Wonderful work !
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Looks very menacing. 
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that looks awesome
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