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Destiny Cayde-6 Chicken Raid

Even more fun!
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This is beautiful. I love the internet

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Haha this is awesome!!

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Colonel is best feather boi

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Me(As a titan):What the Fuck?

Daisy(Destiny OC): yeah uncle Cayde can be.....weird sometimes dad

Me: what the fuck?
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Oh this is freaking fantastic!!! :lmao:
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I can only imagine what someone who knows nothing about Destiny would think of this image.
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Not sure if you saw it but your picture was used in a Cayde-6 Memorial.
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Behold, Link's worst nightmare! But seriously though this is awesome. 
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This is very appropriate of Cayde-6. Of course he has a chicken-shocktroop army!
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Hate to be a snitch but someone stole this. 

Cayde-6 army by pannkaksslukarn
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Thanks for looking out. Seems to be a lot of that going on. 
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I would pay full price just for this!
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Lead them colonel!
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this is beautiful
it needs to be in D2
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please tell me this is a thing in the game....
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It practically is.
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the end of link is near .....
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Omg! I never epxect someone do chickens this way! <3

I love this! Every detail! YES RAISE MY CHICKEN ARMY RISE! :D

Btw this is incredible! Great work! ^ ^
"Chicken atta-ah-ah-ah-ack... Chicken atta-ah-ah-ah-ack... Watch your back, before it fades to black... They might look harmless, but they'll kick your non-chicken ass..."

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Best idea EVER!
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