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Aww Lyra

Seems, that you have to figure out another way! :(

I just love drawing deranged expressions! :lol:
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lyra know nothing on human but is the fan who thing this for see her set like us so the fanbase thing this were she know zero on us and some fan made her thing she is human or
want be a human or want got me this stupid but i love her way SHE IS not the wai of fan thing. but some comic made of her who thing know of human a good but
thos who made fun on her for human stuff is not make me laught
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Say something, Bon Bon!
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Lyra: Forever alone...
*Lonely... Ima stonely...*
No humans in Equestria...
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Bon-bon: uhhh...84763?
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HAHAHA really funny!

and good made:la:

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What MLP episode is it that Lyra brings up something about humans? Surely something as popular as that wasn't fanmade...
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the dragonshy one she was siting like us on a bench
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There's not an episode where she says anything about humans. It's just that she's often seen in the background doing human things. (Such as sitting on a park bench like a human, or drinking coke.) :3
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that's what she gets
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This is hilarous x)
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Lyra really need hands !!
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Think twice before mess in with pinkie! Bon bon!
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Bon bon didn't mess with Pinkie...
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thats just how how i troll [link]
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fuck was up with you past self

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Poor Lyra- I mean Bonbon
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poor BOTH! Bon Bon get hit by an anvil and Lyra wants to be a human!
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