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Adamantite Pony

By Cgeta
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Fanart for Terraria. :D
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eh she'll be fine, be a good shock is all.
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Dannydragonbreath22Student Artist
Probs she has at least full hearts not full life fruit 
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offi-DtrGuo-cialHobbyist Interface Designer
ever hate it when you activate the boulder trap by accident and it's too late?
Dannydragonbreath22's avatar
Dannydragonbreath22Student Artist
Also she will survive the bolder she has adimantite armor 
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horseraxHobbyist Writer
depends on her hp. the boulder will deal 60-150 per hit regardless of Armor and other defensive equipment. so if she used lots of heart crystals then she is fine.
Dannydragonbreath22's avatar
Dannydragonbreath22Student Artist
Bolders they never change
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AydinPrower7 General Artist
:XD: Reminds me of the time I was mining and accidentally booped my first TNT trap. It scared the crap out of me because it exploded the moment I touched it.
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NessWarioHobbyist Writer
Twi... Twilight.... Uh... What trap did you set that on up to...? RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!
GrumpyTouhoutard's avatar
I love the Adamantite Armor, but the Hallowed Armor looks even cooler
EnteringTheNethery's avatar
Twi can haz some greater healing potions
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RY0JINHobbyist Artist
Hopefully twilight has enough Life Crystals to withstand the damage that the boulder does.
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CgetaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, she found a few already. But she didn't read up yet on how to use them. =P
Ariamaki's avatar
Fantastic! Love the horn-hole on the helmet. :3
JQBuizel's avatar
JQBuizelHobbyist Photographer
Lolnice. XD
Frostybrand's avatar
heh, pony gibs flying everywhere. I wonder if they've updated that pony mod yet...
nbunomad's avatar
:< no they havent.
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ZegarothStudent Traditional Artist
Not much Terraria art out there.
99-cells's avatar
Adamantite, like the same stuff they used to forged Wolverine's new skeleton?
weegar's avatar
that's adamantium
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CgetaHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know very much about X-men, but adamantite is one of the fantasy metals that get often used in science fiction and fantasy media.
WishingWellPony's avatar
Pretty cool stuff! I...wait a minute...that's not the mage helmet! Never pictured Twi as a melee user. :o
Cgeta's avatar
CgetaHobbyist Digital Artist
In her situation she is going to need the extra defense! =P
WishingWellPony's avatar
True, true! :D

By the by, do you play Terraria that often? I wouldn't mind starting a new world with a buddy. :)
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CgetaHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I normally play in single player. And when it comes to online play I already have a few people that want to play with me :noes:
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