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Tutorial Step by Step: Pug Warrior


Watch the Full Video Tutorial HERE

Artist: McLean Kendree

McLean Kendree - He is an artist that can specialize in any task given to him, whether it’s a character, illustration, creature, or environment, McLean knows how to handle it. He has been a pleasure to work with and he work is worth checking out! His tutorial is fantastic, showing the entire process of creating a character and his unique look at coloring as well!

In his Citizen tutorial, he focuses on the complete process from sketch to polish on a character? Watch the tutorial to see every step along the way!

Below is his step by step process on how he created the Pug Warrior. In the tutorial he takes more in detail why he does each step and how he chooses his colors. This is a great tutorial for those that enjoy working in lineart first and then creating a color palette afterwards.

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Hi, I managed to follow all the steps but, I do not have the slightest idea what he does in the 6:12 minute, I can not do that, they could tell me how to achieve that effect that all the layers that color as the video indicates with that Transparency for the shade underneath
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Hmm..- that last layer, I´d have to have something to do with layers or masking.. but which?
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I remember this being talked about in the Livestream yesterday which, by the way, was very helpful :D