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Tutorial: Painting with Ambient Occlusion


Watch the Full Video Tutorial HERE

Tutorial: Painting with Ambient Occlusion

Artist: Jonathan Hamilton

Jonathan Hamilton - Here is an artist that has a unique look to his characters in which you are able to tell Jonathan created this one. It’s that personal style that many artists long for and his tutorial covers the foundations of the process to create something wonderful. He has a few step by steps on his site that I recommend checking out! He has a fantastic tutorial explaining AO, so check it out and read his tips on the steps along the way!

In his Citizen tutorial, he takes you through explaining AO and the importance it can add to a piece. As a Citizen member, you can also download the HD Video, His Brushes, and the Final .PSD!

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I can't decide if this is inspiring (because I'd give a lot to be able to draw like this) or depressing (because I can't even match the quality of the sketch the tutorial starts from).  Can it be both?
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Amazing piece of work!! I'm jealous
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incredibly! very beautiful! la in love 
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amazing...cute and beautiful:heart:
great job
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Amazing lighting and shadowing. Good stuff.
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I really have to try the AO method! Seems like it might have some lovely effects if you can use it properly.
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This is truly gorgeous, I love the layout and use of colour and light!
Excellent work! ^^
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gotta luv that face Nod 
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Beautiful work!
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Holy sh... you're talented as hell! This looks amazing ! :)
This is truly phenomenal.
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this looks like me :o
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This is making my eyes bleed.

It's too frikkin awesome.
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Really beautiful i have no other words.
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its like digital! but not! XD!
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really astonishing guy he is....<3
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Astonishing work!!!Clap 
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