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Tutorial: Drawing the Ear Step by Step


Watch the tutorial, and the other facial features drawn the real time HERE

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Want to see the process with tips in real time and how to draw the ear with just pencil and paper? Tim goes through his steps on working to create this realistic facial feature. If you’re curious you can watch now on the site!

In this tutorial, we go through the entire process of each of the 4 facial features: the eye, nose, lips, and ear. All you need is a pencil, some paper, and an eraser along with the willingness to try! 

Other Cookie Ear Resources and Exercises: 

Exercise 51 Practice Sheet: Your Facial Features by CGCookie  Facial Reference: The Ears by CGCookie 

The other Facial Features drawn traditionally step by step:

Tutorial: Drawing the Eye Step by Step by CGCookie   Tutorial: Drawing the Lips Step by Step by CGCookie  Tutorial: Drawing the Nose Step by Step by CGCookie 

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How I draw anything: just screams at the paper/canvas/screen
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Basically yeah me too LOL
Machu-Picchu95's avatar
Thanks for ear tutorial :D
CelestialFairyBloom's avatar
you make it look SO easy!
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These will help me draw realistic charactersl
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Would the same go for draing peaked/elvish ears? Or would there be a slightly different method
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Same method, just with peaked ears instead of round ones!
Malanchai2149's avatar
Ah, alright then :)
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