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Tutorial: Coloring Over Your Lineart


Watch the Full Free Video Tutorial HERE

In this quick tip tutorial, Tim Von Rueden goes over coloring over your lineart. This has been requested multiple times and I would like to show you one way of going about coloring over your lineart. This can be very intimidating for some, especially those who feel very confident with their line art but feel when they add color, it ruins the concept altogether. So below is a quick step by step that goes along with the video tutorial.

My BIGGEST advice is to be confident. You may have strong lineart so compliment that with even stronger shading techniques. The more comfortable you become with this process, the more versatile artist you will become! Just remember to keep the lineart separate on it’s own layer so that you can lay the base colors UNDER the lineart layer and then create layers ABOVE the lineart layer for coloring!

Citizen members can download the HD video along with the .PSD file from the tutorial!

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super helpful and easy to understand - thanks a bunch for making this!
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Omg I saw your video of this before I saw the deviantart post and i was looking in google images and saw it and was like WHAT I KNOW THAT PIC AND ARTIST XD
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Say i'm curious; how do u color over the lines when it's already on the background? (like I scanned something that's been inked)
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I'm not cg cookie but you can adjust the contrast (filter->adjust->levels) then errase the white colour
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oh....this looks useful... I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY!
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Trying to do This- Critique requested (015) by Redundantpig
So I attempted and got frustrated.
So if you'd kindly tell me where I went wrong that'd be great. lol
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but what brushes to use?
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Just the standard round brushes, but soft-edged and normal. You can grab them here…
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omigosh, I've been having trouble with shading and I instantly remembered this tutorial from long ago.. YES I FOUND IT <3 so helpful~
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looks great! thanks for the tutorial! SO MUCH LUFF 
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:D (Big Grin) Nice work! Thanks for sharing.
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Very useful I used to color under the lines and not above... So I wasnt really satisfied of my result because it didn't look realistic with the black lines, thank you ill try this next time :)
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Thank you so much!!!!😀
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Thank you for this resourceful tutorial and keep up the good work!
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THIS! I was looking for this for a lifetime.
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Good tutorial. Quick tips and it makes sense. Thanks!
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Thanks, it`s very helpful
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