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Subsurface Scattering Tutorial


Watch the tutorial, download the .PSD, the Exercise, and HD Video HERE

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Looking for a more advanced look at painting materials? Check out our latest tutorial exploring Subsurface Scattering with translucent objects! We cover what SSS is, how objects are affecting by this, how lighting plays a part, and also explains why it will take your material works to the next level! 

You can also download the free Exercise to challenge your knowledge and showcase your understanding of Subsurface Scattering! 

Exercise 50 Practice Sheet: Subsurface Scattering by CGCookie 

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the examples are beautiful! I'm definitely going to have to try this <3

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At first I thought these were pictures! Anyways, amazing tutorial!
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This is a great reference! Also fantastic art!
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Wow,this turitoal looks so good.It's good that you Made turitoliar like this i think because it Can help lot of people.
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Lovely stuff. SSS can make the difference between a great picture and an outstanding one. 
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Very nice tutorial <3 Thank you^^
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Really interesting!!!!
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What a good, good tutorial! Thank you.:D
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Would this be considered hyper-realistic?
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this is more of a blend between painterly and realistic, but it is leaning toward the realistic side =)
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Wow, very nice. :) I love the lemon. :D
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Daaaaang, get a loud of that hand.
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Man if i drew hands they would look like white spiders
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Really interesting tutorial, thanks for sharing!
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This isn't real. It was never real. All you're doing is spamming the comments section. It says that you're new here so I understand why you're doing this, but please stop, none of the chain-comments have any effect besides annoying other users v_v
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I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to annoy you, it was stupid of me.
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It's fine, you're new here. You learn things as you go along.
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thanks for being so nice.
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I was being annoying, I wasn't trying to, but I was.
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What did u say?
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Ive been wondering about how ppl do this for so long
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