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Soft Edge Brush Character Video Tutorial

In this Citizen course Tim Von Rueden takes you through coloring a character from a sketch using solely the soft edge brush. The main two points expressed in this tutorial are how to work from a sketch that wasn’t scanned in as well as coloring using only the basic soft edge brush.

Check out the full tutorial along with the source files to download here:…
Want to know more about the tutorial? There's an introduction video giving a better look at what the tutorial is all about =]
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I love the whimsical, painterly feel this gives the character!
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My gosh I'm speachless! 
macpainttool's avatar
Thank you very much! I have downloaded it with total video downloader for mac.
spacecookiejr's avatar
OMG I so wanna try this now. I have such a hard time mixing traditional media with digital, but you mix them beautifully. 
Dream-chu's avatar
It's the details that I can't seem to produce , it is an art that I don't, I prefer to look at the works of others . I envy you a bit anyway . :p
rgalaxy's avatar
ugh.. the detailing part.... xD super nice coloring i love this kind of coloring.. could u describe more about "detailing" part? xD
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this is a great way to turn sketches into a good digital work!
is awesomee (:
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-- Thank for tutorial (_ _)/
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so awesome, thank you!
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Ooh thank's God! for this exemple xD!

(I destroy all the time my sketches...)
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Love the step by step process! I never know quite what to do with the sketch and colors with the different layers. I'll try it like this next time!
fenrirstrife's avatar
Looks really amazing, 
just one question, it was made in just one layer?
CGCookie's avatar
It was made it a few layers and then collapsed into one near the end!
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thanks so much boddy!
The-Pirate-Fox's avatar
Thank you for making this tutorial! I gave it a try here:…

It was very fun to do :)
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Hmmm... I definitely need to look into this hahaha :XD:
Harmony-Igolen's avatar
Oh yeah! I'll try later! :)
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Thank you for the simple and probable the best digital coloring technique! Just awesome! +fav 
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