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Shading a Gem Step by Step


Check out the Exercise on shading Gems and Download the Practice Sheet HERE

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

REFERENCE:  Here's a standard step by step on how to shade a gem. 

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NICEE!!! I made gem on Krita:


This tutorial is very helpful! Thank you!

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I tested to make this using MS paint and FireAlpaca

Lil test
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Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. 
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What brushes do we use to paint with?
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Now THAT is a fine piece of work! ;D
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These tutorials of yours are so realistic!! I love them!
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Awesome! thanks for sharing this, in the beginning is kinda difficult to make the lights and shades effect in a drawing, so this is very helpful as a reference to paint something.
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how do you do a gradient of color digitaly. its easy on paper but im lost on digital
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Oh wow, I've been putting your pages into my references folder and I never even realized you had your own website! I feel like such a derp! I'll have to explore around a bit more after work :meow:
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he also has his own youtube channel
Dracina's avatar
:dummy: I shall have to find, thank you!
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lol your welcome. you'll learn a lot. hes an amazing teacher
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Thanks for sharing this 😁
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This is awesome. Will def try this out later.
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  I Did A Gem by LameonBlazeIt  
I did this is FireAlpaca. Is it good?
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Thx... Now I know how to do a golden egg
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Thank you for the tutorial ^^
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Used it here  Fetishchann By Joaslin Soc by JoAsLiN  =)
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wow, that's amazing!
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is there a way to do this in clip studio paint? cause that's what i use
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